Submission #458: QBOB's NES Double Dragon II: The Revenge in 10:21.90

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator Famtasia
Game Version USA PRG1 Frame Count 37314
ROM Filename Double Dragon II - The Revenge (U) (PRG1) [!].nes Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 7022
Unknown Authors QBOB
Game Double Dragon II: The Revenge
Submitted by QBOB on 12/5/2004 11:51:43 PM

Submission Comments
made with Famtasia 5.1; no warps or passwords; aims for fastest time possible
takes damage to save time; abuses luck
Double Dragon II is a classic fighting game with an all-powerful move, the dreaded flying knee. When going for time you must use the knee frequently, but this movie uses other moves whenever possible to make it more entertaining.
I'm pretty happy with this movie, and I hope people who objected to the previous version will enjoy this one. Updates since the previous movie:
- 31 seconds faster
- uses alternative to the knee whenever possible
- only takes damage if it really does save time (except for at the very end)
- more precise movements
- attempts to be more entertaining with wait-time
Finally, a few explanations:
1. In level 4, right before the elevator, I intentionally get hit back by the first Linda. If I advanced the screen any more then they third would have appeared on the left side, and going across and back would cost more time than what I actually did.
2. The knee and upper-cut can only be performed after landing from a jump or after getting up from the ground. That's why I constantly jump into the spikes in the second half of level 4.
3. On level 7, I get hit a few times on the vanishing block parts, such as when I jump into the fire. I played with other possibilities though, and that really was the fastest way I could come up with.
4. Towards the end of level 8 and in the final boss I just knee on the right side of the screen. I realize this is a little boring, but it's by far the fastest way to get the job done.
5. Getting hit at the same time I administer the final blow was intentional. If people don't like it though I can take it out.

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