Submission #4621: Clumsydoomer's DOOM Final Doom "The Plutonia Experiment" in 14:05.96

Console DooM Emulator PrBoom-Plus
Game Version Frame Count 29611
ROM Filename plutonia.wad Frame Rate 35.0029869215506
Branch The Plutonia Experiment Rerecord Count 0
Unknown Authors Clumsydoomer
Game Final Doom
Submitted by Clumsydoomer on 3/29/2015 10:12:17 PM

Submission Comments
Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment in 12:41.

This TAS was made by Clumsydoomer and submitted by himself.
  • Aims for in-game time instead of real time (doesn't care about score tally screens)
    • Contains speed/entertainment trade-offs
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Abuses programming errors
  • Manipulates luck (weapon damage, monster action)
This run uses Skill 4, Ultra-Violence. This is the most common skill level used in the Doom speedrunning and TAS community.

Recorded with:

XDRE 2.06

Playing back the run

1. You can play back this demo in any Vanilla Doom-compatible port, e.g. Chocolate Doom, Eternity, PrBoom, PrBoom-Plus. Use the following commands: yourexe.exe -iwad plutonia -playdemo 30pl1241.lmp
- Example for PrBoom-Plus, which I use: prboom-plus.exe -iwad plutonia -playdemo 30pl1241.lmp

2. You can play back this demo in Vanilla Final Doom. Use the following commands: plutonia.exe -playdemo 30pl1241.lmp"
You can find the various Doom source ports for your operating system here:

Used tools

  • Permanent SR50
  • Gametime slowdown
  • Savestates
  • Precise frame-by-frame building via XDRE

Used tricks and glitches + commentary

  • Rocketboosting (map04, map06, map07, map09, map14, map15, map17, map25, map26, map27, map28). Just shoot a rocket to nearest wall and it's done.
  • Guided gliding (map05, map21, map23, map25, map29). Some of them are instant, but they all are pretty easy.
  • Guideless gliding (map03, map08, map09, map13, map19). The instant ones like in map03, map08 and map18 require extremely precise movement and are impossible without tools' assistance.
  • Double-sided impassable line gliding (map07). Most random trick of all.
  • Arch-vile jumping (map15, map16, map18, map24). Requires a bit of monster manipulation.
  • Wallrunning, thingrunning (pretty much on every map). Most common and easy trick in Doom games.
  • Door boosting (map22, map28). Requires very precise movement.
  • Pressing switches through walls (map06, map22). Some of the switches required very precise positioning, but some didn't.
  • Deathslide - suiciding in order to reduce doomguy's height (map17). Dead doomguy can slide under small gaps and activate triggers, but can't move.
  • Teleport "unstuck" trick (map14, map27, map28). If you get shot / boosted right after teleporting, you won't have to wait for doomguy to "unfreeze" himself.

Time (without tally screens)

MAP01: Congo 0:06'63
MAP02: Well of Souls 0:42'97
MAP03: Aztec 0:37'97
MAP04: Caged 0:33'77
MAP05: Ghost Town 0:19'97
MAP06: Baron's Lair 0:40'97
MAP07: Caughtyard 0:14'80
MAP08: Realm 0:12'94
MAP09: Abbatoire 0:31'97
MAP10: Onslaught 0:17'54
MAP11: Hunted 0:43'63
MAP12: Speed 0:06'94
MAP13: The Crypt 0:11'83
MAP14: Genesis 0:14'94
MAP15: The Twilight 0:18'97
MAP16: The Omen 0:18'91
MAP17: Compound 0:05'63
MAP18: Neurosphere 0:05'97
MAP19: NME 0:11'91
MAP20: The Death Domain 0:35'97
MAP21: Slayer 0:02'91
MAP22: Impossible Mission 0:41'97
MAP23: Tombstone 0:59'74
MAP24: The Final Frontier 0:11'74
MAP25: The Temple of Darkness 0:10'97
MAP26: Bunker 0:38'69
MAP27: Anti-Christ 0:41'97
MAP28: The Sewers 1:11'97
MAP29: Odyssey of Noises 0:57'66
MAP30: The Gateway of Hell 0:14'91
Total time12:41

Author's Youtube channel:

Truncated: Judging!

Truncated: Good viewer feedback, very well played as far as I can tell, and beats all known records (with the exception of a marginally faster MAP12 strat which requires you to die). It also syncs on the original Doom executable. Therefore, accepting to moons category!
As with the other Doom submission, this has to be put to delayed, since we currently don't have a way to handle Doom publications.

adelikat: Deciding to keep the SystemID as "DOOM", but on the Movies list, we will lump it with DOS movies, setting it back to accepted

Anty-Lemon: Processing...

Truncated: Movie file replaced with version cut after last input.

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