Submission #4727: adelikat's AppleII The Oregon Trail in 08:24.63

System Apple II Emulator BizHawk 1.10.0
Game Version unknown Frame Count 30278
ROM Filename Oregon Trail (1 of 2).dsk Oregon Trail (2 of 2).dsk Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 3412
Unknown Authors adelikat
Game The Oregon Trail
Submitted by adelikat on 6/15/2015 9:22:08 PM

Submission Comments
Apple II rerecording is here! Woohoo
I picked this game because it was a big part of my childhood and has huge nostalgia. For TASing, well, it isn't as interesting.
The most interesting aspect to TASing this game is the luck manipulation. The game does not reseed the RNG. Therefore the RNG is always the same value at the start, regardless of frame. And the only way to change it is to do a random event in order to increment the value. Unfortunately the only main way to do this is to attempt to trade, which takes about 10 seconds. Most of the time, the bad luck you are attempting to avoid isn't as bad as the 10 second loss. The situation ends up being a "make lemonade" approach to luck manipulation similar to Dragon Warrior III non-glitch.
This movie aims for fastest time, regardless of final score. As such, I pick the banker for the obvious money advantage vs the lower final score. I pick a grueling pace but filling food rations because I found if you max out your food at the beginning (bankers can afford this) and manipulate luck enough, I don't run out of food. Also good health means better chances for good outcomes (including non-health related events, the game does not attempt to distinguish the two when accessing probabilities).
I took the shortest path, and paid money to avoid the raft scene which is slow. Also I don't buy bullets or hunt, I just make sure I have plenty of food and avoid river catastrophes and robberiess.
One of my earlier attempts was to do a grueling pace and lowest food rations. The idea was to kill off my family to avoid lost time to them getting sick and other inconvenient things. Once they were dead, I'd bump the food rations since I would have plenty for myself (hey, I'm in the Save the Frames camp). This turned out worse since they took forever to die, and their poor health led to constant catastrophes.
Note: this is a 2 disk game, for Game Name I just put both for lack of something better to put.
Anyway, If you remember oregon trail, I hope you enjoy. If you don't remember the game, why are you watching this anyway? :)

Noxxa: Judging.
Noxxa: It should be noted that this run uses what is basically the easiest difficulty mode of the run (the playable 'characters' are explicitly allegories for difficulty modes), so per the guidelines a run on the hardest difficulty (farmer) may obsolete this run even if it is slower.
That said, this run entertainment-wise is slightly above the average adelikat run. Plunge it to the deepest depths of the Vault. Accepting for publication.
fsvgm777: First Apple ][ publication, here we go!

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