Submission #4772: Soig's Wii New Super Mario Bros. Wii in 25:30.10

Console Nintendo Wii Emulator Dolphin 4.0
Game Version USA Frame Count 286766
ROM Filename 1752 - New Super Mario Bros. Wii NTSC-U.iso Frame Rate 187.41650872491994
Branch Rerecord Count 7508
Unknown Authors Soig
Game New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Submitted by Soig on 7/23/2015 7:32:29 AM

Submission Comments
Watching online: So... this time. I redo this TAS and finished now. Then I'll show you a wonderful video ^_^ Please sit back and enjoy it.
This run beats Got4n's 631 frames. About 10.52 seconds.
Emulator used: Dolphin 4.0-6331

Some necessary settings:

  • Dual Core: OFF.
  • Idle Skipping: OFF.
  • DSP emulator engine: DSP LLE Recompiler.
  • DSP LLE on thread: OFF.
  • Use EURGB60: OFF.
  • Wiimote configuration: Extension -- Nunchuk
  • Be sure you HAVE RUN game before running .dtm after openning dolphin. There is 1 more lag in first game running.

Game informations:

Rom File Name1752 - New Super Mario Bros. Wii (US).iso
Capacity of the File4699979776 Byte
Last Modification Time2009.11.15. 23:17:28
NSMBW is my favorite SMB game created by Nintendo. Most playable. Many power-ups. Level map design is funny. Enemies and character's action is realistic. And effects are realistic, too. Also, there are many enemies met in old games appearing in this game. Even it's better than newest game - NSMBU, in my opinion. So it's a must-play Mario game for Mario fans!

About Dolphin Emulator:

  • Hope editor will add RAM search & RAM watch. Cheat engine is inconvenient... My computer crashed many times...
  • Looking forward to a quicker running speed. I prefer a full running speed to 1080P!!!
I don't want to use dolphin any more! Just in one word, annoying!!!.

Some RAM addresses:

8153B8C8X speed -- compare with map
Always use this one.
Float Big Endian
8153B8ECX speed -- Mario's own speedFloat Big Endian
8153B8CCY speedFloat Big Endian
34153B8B0X positionFloat Big Endian
34153B67CY positionFloat Big Endian


Because of emulation difference. I just show you how many frames are saved in each level. That difference causes different level file's loading time. But same in gameplay.
These results of comparison come from In-Game timer.
For example, in 1-2,
Mine: timer became 456 at frame 11617. And I touch the flagpole at frame 11627. So there are 10 frames between them.
Got4n's: timer became 456 at frame 11381. And he touches the flagpole at frame 11400. So there are 19 frames between them.
Results: 10-19=-9 frames. 9 frames saved.
For level-by-level videos, visit [/Forum/Topics/8743&start=225|New Super Mario Bros. Wii] please.
If someone doesn't think this checking is accurate, you can check it yourself. Dolphin is too much annoying for me. I don't want to use it with TAS any more.
LevelFrames SavedComments
1-128Get 2nd power-up, mainly to keep 4+ speed for a longer time.
1-29Running on the swinging platform will have 3+ speed.
1-33Improvements mainly come from corner boostings.
5-159Many small improvements.
Mainly come from jumping out of the vines better.
Pressing A to skip "World 5-1" text doesn't work here.
5-Mini13Limit control...
5-359Reduce speed to wait enemy instead of flying...
Jumping instead of flying many times.
Jumping speed is bigger than 3.5; Flying speed is 2.5
5-487+Better control.
Got4n used longer time to enter pipe in view 2. But that saved some in-game time. I cost more in-game time to save movie time by entering the pipe later.
5-Ghost6Catching the wall gives Mario 1+ speed.
Sorry for little corner boosting. Much of them failed...
8-118It's so hard for me to control Mario flying very well.
8-246Better route. Better strat. And Better control.
8-719Use triple-jump to go across a longer distance.
8-Ship-30I beat 10+ frames before entering Bowser Jr's Room. But lost longer time on boss fighting due to uncertain reasons.
8-Final176Jumping is faster than flying. And it helps me to keep speed after that. And better strat at the last.
Maybe I save or lose some time on map. Different RNG lead to different enemy's movement. And it leads to different time. But I didn't care about it this time. Because this new emulator has a different emulation. So it's not so important...

Or here's another comparision by Spikestuff

TOTAL 5874588612
Note: Higher is better
1-1 32
1-2 10
1-3 8
5-1 62
5-3 64
5-C 124
5-4 102
5-H 10
8-1 26
8-2 46
8-7 34
8-S -18
8-B 72
END 132
586 if ignoring final part
Note: Using GOT4N's loading times.
Note 2: Positive values are better.
Thanks for his help.
So hope you'll enjoy it. All.

Nach: This is a terrific run, very entertaining, and looks well optimized. Accepting as improvement to existing run.
Fog: Processing...

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