Submission #486: Phil, Genisto's NES Super Mario Bros "warpless" in 18:57.73

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEU0.98
Game Version USA,PRG0 Frame Count 68264
ROM Filename Super Mario Bros. (JU) (PRG0) [!].nes Frame Rate 60
Branch warpless Rerecord Count 30709
Unknown Authors Phil, Genisto
Game Super Mario Bros.
Submitted by Phil on 12/28/2004 3:21:36 AM

Submission Comments
I don't want to write a novel because there's not so much improvements. What help us to improve is that backward jump boost and, by my fault, did 21 frames faster at stage 8-1.
Anyway, the movie is more entertaining than version 1 and finished with a better high score even if it wasn't our goal to finish with this score.
At stage 8-4, at Bowser, I shot 2 fireballs that one passed over the flying flame and one under that flame. The reason I did this is to show people that I can't beat Bowser without losing time.
At stage 5-1, there's a surprise ....

Bisqwit: Excellent. Queuing for processing.

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