Submission #495: scubed's NES Wizards and Warriors 2 in 08:28.73

System Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEU 0.98.12
Game Version USA Frame Count 30524
ROM Filename Ironsword - Wizards & Warriors 2 (U).nes Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 1560
Unknown Authors scubed
Game Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II
Submitted by scubed on 1/5/2005 6:29:33 PM

Submission Comments
  • Uses FCEU
  • No passwords
  • Abuses bugs
  • Does not get hit
  • Manipulates luck
  • Aims for speed
Wizards and Warriors 2 is a platformer. (Lots of jumping on platforms, in fact.) The evil wizard Malkil has split himself into the 4 elements. You must fight each to assemble the Iron Sword, which you need to defeat the wizard.
Skips "essential spells":
Skips Instead For
Familiar spell Double jump Golden egg
Water spout Windbane Golden fly
Water blight Windbane Water boss
Fleet foot Windbane Golden crown
Double jump:
After you land, if you jump again, you can slide a little further than usual, allowing you to get past obstacles that you are not supposed to be able to jump over. (For example the golden egg, and the golden fly can be gotten this way. Many ramps are skipped using this. That is what the extra small jumps are for.)
Quick exit:
After defeating a boss, you are able to collect a piece of the Iron Sword. The exit does not work until you collect the piece. You are supposed to exit as part of the animation after collecting the piece. However, if you collect the piece and land by the exit, you will use it before all of your keys and magic are drained, thus saving time, keys, magic, and your magic projectile.
Water boss with windbane:
The water boss is vulnerable to windbane thus allowing us to skip the entire underwater section of the map. This does not appear to be true of the other bosses, however. Note that doing this typically causes you to bump what is falling off of the top several times causing you to lose all of your health. Since it is during an animation, you do not die. You get right back up and go through the exit.
Long distance attack of Earth boss:
The hit-touch for the Earth boss appears to not take into account screens, so you can attack him exactly one screen away and have it register as a hit. I use this bug, but it makes the movie slightly less than a second longer.
Slide through enemy:
While sliding, it is not checked whether you are touching an enemy, allowing you to pass right through them without taking damage.
Luck is manipulated to get enemies to drop magic nuggets to fill the magic meter. Once it is full, you get infinite magic. I do this right before the water boss. I also manipulate luck to avoid bumping the white objects on top of the waterfall for a very long time.
Note that after opening a box, you must stand around for a while before collecting it.
It is probably possible to shave a few more seconds off from the movie.

Bisqwit: Substituted a table for the pre-formatted table of spells.

scubed: Thanks. I overlooked that I could do that.

Bisqwit: Done processing.

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