Submission #4989: Jules's Arcade Bionic Commando in 05:34.70

Console Arcade Emulator FBA v.0.7.7
Game Version Europe Frame Count 20082
ROM Filename Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 4048
Unknown Authors Jules
Game Bionic Commando
Submitted by Jules on 1/28/2016 5:55:28 AM

Submission Comments
The original Bionic Commando completed 814 frames faster than the currently published run.


  • Used FBA-RR v.0.0.7
  • No death


Arcade Bionic Commando makes for a less smooth TAS than the other games in the series, mostly due to the fact that you cannot use your bionic arm in the air and the lengthy climbing/swinging animations that come from it. For its short length, the game is rather difficult though, so TASes still look quite tense to watch.
The main improvement over Mukki's movie is different routing through the levels. Going straight up is generally the fastest way to go, because although it is possible to ascend horizontally, the animation is so slow that this generally isn't the most viable option. I tried to keep the amount of times I ascended horizontally to a minimum by only doing so when a platform is quite close so the animation stays short.
The walking animation in this game is quite slow. There are a few times in this movie where I grapple upwards into walls simply to trigger the faster "rolling" animation simply because the character's stroll is quite slow. I decided to maintain Mukki's goal of no deaths just because dying respawns you at the top of the screen which would make this game pretty boring since it's almost entirely vertical.
Mukki only picks up one weapon in his movie, the gun in stage 3 that allows you to shoot through walls. Although I also pick that up in my run I also acquire a red gun in that same level that allows me to kill those robot enemies with one shot before picking up the former ewapon. The other weapons aren't viable, since the main reason the green gun is acquired is because it fires through walls.

Other comments

So yeah, that's Bionic Commando for you. Short but entertaining enough for what it is. Thanks to Mukki for his movie. Just a quick note: he recorded his run on the US set 1 fileset of this game in FBA while I recorded mine on the default European version. For what it's worth both of them play the same and both runs sync regardless of version so I figure it doesn't matter.

Nach: Very nice solid run. Accepting as improvement to existing.
fsvgm777: Processing.

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