Submission #5143: xy2_'s Arcade Dottori Kun in 04:18.42

Console Arcade Emulator FBA-RR v0.0.7
Game Version unknown Frame Count 15505
ROM Filename Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 1692
Unknown Authors xy2_
Game Dottori Kun
Submitted by xy2_ on 6/13/2016 9:57:22 PM

Submission Comments
Dottori Kun was a game created to circuvent a Japanese law putting a large fee on JAMMA cabinets if sold without a game in them. As a result, Sega created this game in 1990, a very cheap to produce PCB, most notable for its ridiculously small size. (see ).
There is only one technique for luck manipulation in this game. Normally > turns automatically at a corner when he hits a wall and there is one avaible space to turn next to him. However, if you turn manually instead of automatically, you will still get the same result and luck will be manipulated. Because of the ridiculously scarce spots to do this (12 per level) sometimes to manipulate good outcomes in future levels you have to redo earlier levels.
This is an improvement of 240 frames over the previous movie. All the time gain is saved from ending input much earlier at Level 11. This was extremely hard to luck manipulate without wasting any time at all, and gets the best possible result in regard to ending input early.

Samsara: Oh boy, Arcade, my favorite system to judge.
Samsara: It's arguably a game, there was clearly routing and manipulation done in order to make it non-trivial. I guess it's good for the Vault.
Spikestuff: Hear No Evil.

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