Submission #5312: Spikestuff's GB Ichi Ni San! in 00:33.54

Console Game Boy Emulator BizHawk
Game Version unknown Frame Count 2003
ROM Filename Frame Rate 59.7275005696058
Branch Rerecord Count 171
Unknown Authors Spikestuff
Game Unknown Game
Submitted by Spikestuff on 12/5/2016 6:11:25 AM

Submission Comments
A game which has more air time than You Have to Burn the Rope but less input.
If you die in the game, you crash in real life.

It's basically superhuman input

Yup... just like other superhuman crap we have

Game Explanation

Part of the 2015 Global Game Jam Ichi Ni San created by Quang Nguyen (quangdx) was made to blend in what games told you to do and working it out yourself by level design.
It gives little instructions on what to do and tight input for when you have to perform.
No RNG means if there is shit input that I somehow produced you can splice it in.

Noxxa: Claiming.
Noxxa: As pointed out in the discussion topic, the run is too trivial to qualify as a speedrun record, and the game is too obscure to meet notability requirements for the Vault. Rejecting.

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