Submission #534: Tuggummi's SNES Kirby's Avalanche in 09:55.37

System Super NES Emulator Snes9x 1.43
Game Version USA Frame Count 35722
ROM Filename Kirby's Avalanche (U) [!].smc Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 169
Unknown Authors Tuggummi
Game Kirby's Avalanche
Submitted by Tuggummi on 2/2/2005 3:40:10 AM

Submission Comments
General info
Emulator used: Snes9X v1.43 (Windows)
Game Type: Puzzle
Movie length in real time: 9 minutes 55 seconds
Movie length in frames: 35722
Re-record count: 169
Aims for fastest time
Plays at hardest level

Game Mechanics
Kirby's Avalanche is a fairly typical puzzle game, but it's also very hard to complete in the competition mode where you fight against computer opponents. What makes this game a bit different from the rest is the "Avalanches" aka chain reactions of pieces exploding one group after another. These chain reactions cause boulders of obstacles fall into your opponents area, of course bigger chain reactions cause more boulders to fall and you can in best cases totally humiliate your opponent and more important beat him fast! But enough of that, you'll get the hang of it pretty quick if you watch the movie or/and try out the game yourself.
NOTE: The level of difficulty is not selected on the screen after you select "competition", but in the options there is a menu to select the "VS. COM LEVEL" which sets the skill of the computer opponents. I select "Normal" after i select the gaming mode, because "Hard" just skips the 3 first levels and i wanted to play all levels (excluding the 3 training levels).

About making this movie
Well first of all, let me state that i have recorded this movie by opening the game (powering on) pausing it and then selecting the option: "Record from Reset" when i started recording. Now im not sure if this the correct method since the rules state they must be recorded from power-on, but I hope it's okay since as far as i know there isn't a way to "cheat" in this game that way since there aren't any predefined saves or anything (it is a puzzle game after all).
Anyway, about the movie. I started to make this movie as i've been enjoying the timeattacks of this site for a fair time now and wanted to of course try it out myself too. I chose Kirby's Avalanche as the game because it seemed easy to create with a emulator, it's fun to play for real and anyone who has played this can relate to the hardness of it and will probably enjoy watching the player taking down the opponents fast and causing massive avalanches on them. The Re-record count might sound a bit small, but it isn't since you can't really manipulate the luck on this game at all. The blocks you get are all randomized on the start of a battle, but this enables you another interesting "feature" for you: Extreme Foresight! You can pretty much plan the whole match beforehand if you want. The whole movie was made frame-by-frame with the frame advance feature, but even though it looks like the blocks are dropped & rotated as fast as possible, they are not. Why? Because im using a keyboard to play and it "chokes" up on simultanious multiple keypresses rendering me unable to for example press down, direction and/or rotation at the same time. So i have to do those on separate frames, it's the difference between 1,2 or 3 frames, but it's a difference still if you want to be perfect. And also some battles could be done faster, especially the lololo & lalala battle. Unlike pretty much every else opponent, lololo & lalala don't try to build up chain reactions (which in most battles gives me time to build and execute a chain reaction on them, before they get the chance), but instead they will try to explode every small stack of blobs they can and as you can notice the bubbles fall very slowly and they of course get in the way in your screen (you can't manipulate the position where the bubbles fall, which is unlucky)
All in all, for a first timeattack, im pretty pleased in it myself, but if this isn't good enough, then i would definetly want someone of the pro's timeattack this, because i like the game and would love to see another timeattack on it.
Hope you like it.

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