Submission #53: Baxter's NES Adventures of Lolo in 23:53.00

Nintendo Entertainment System
Famtasia 5.1
Submitted by Baxter on 6/30/2004 7:54:45 PM
Submission Comments
While I was playing this game the first time I thought, why not record it? After I finished it the total playtime was 24:25.
The next day I checked the forums and noticed that Bob Whoops was doing a speedrun of this game too. We exchanged movies and it seemed both could be improved a lot.
I made a new movie 'combining' these movies AND changed nearly every route of both Bobs and my movie to save a little time in every level.
Hope you enjoy it, Baxter

Bisqwit: Can you explain what exactly did you improve? Aside from solving the puzzles, the game seems very obvious and I can't see how one could fail to create the fastest possible movie, considering that Lolo is as fluent in movement as Pacman.
The key is that I want to know what makes this movie so special that a trained player couldn't do it.

Baxter: I changed nearly every route (you'll notice it by watching the first and second fmv) to get faster to the exit. (that's what I improved)
Although I know what you mean about the movements, and it might not be as hard for a trained player to play like this Lolo fmv as like the rockman fmv, it is still impossible to play like this without some sort of help.
I absolutely disagree with the 'I can't see how one could fail to create the fastest possible movie'-part. My first attempt was far from perfect, and so was Bob Whoops. Bag of Magic Food is making a new Lolo2 fmv, and the first 5 floors look really good, but far from perfect (I already made an fmv of the first 3 floors before Bag of Magic Food started his run, and a lot can be improved there)
This fmv isn't perfect aswell, (I know a level where I could improve one square) but is something not a lot players could make (without having it seen first).

Bisqwit: Thanks. I'll have another look at this movie!

Bisqwit: Ok. Since you already know how to improve this movie, I'll reject this submission, but I will publish the improved version when it's submitted. It is a walkthrough, but it's not a brainless walkthrough.
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