Published on 2/11/2024
Unlock Everything is an action platformer that was developed for the Ludum Dare 45 game jam. According to the author, it is "a love letter to Mega Man with a twist", the twist being that every mechanic taken for granted, such as proper sound, walking and jumping, has to be unlocked by finding modules for them. A female android named "Libra" was rescued from an explosion by someone that looks like Dr. Light. She has lost everything in her programming, from sensory input to memories. The Dr. Light-looking figure managed to restore some of her personality and her visual sensors, but had to abruptly leave due to a mysterious danger. Libra is now on her own to restore her body to the way it once was and figure out what's happening around her.
Here, Merl_ plays this classic Mega Man throwback as fast as possible, even managing to quickly take down a robot that suspiciously looks like Metal Man.
You can play the game here.
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libTAS 1.4.4

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