Submission #6076: ThunderAxe31's GBA Pac-Man World in 21:09.52

Console Game Boy Advance Emulator BizHawk 1.13.2
Game Version USA Frame Count 75825
ROM Filename 1789 - Pac-Man World (U)(Venom).gba Frame Rate 59.7275005696058
Branch Rerecord Count 102952
Unknown Authors ThunderAxe31
Game Pac-Man World
Submitted by ThunderAxe31 on 8/22/2018 7:35:39 PM

Submission Comments

Lua scripts used

Position and speed
Cam hack (don't use it before approaching an exit)

Movie objectives

  • Emulator used: BizHawk 1.13.2
  • Beat the game as fast as possible
  • Leave your family imprisoned
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Genre: Platform


  • Pac-Dot: Can be thrown at enemies.
  • Power Pellet: Once picked, it temporarily give the ability to eat Ghosts.
  • Fruit: Gives points and can be used for opening Fruit Doors.
  • Chrome Power Up: Makes Pac-Man invicible and allows to walk under water.
  • Pac-Man symbol: Gives one life.


  • Green Switch: Can be activated once.
  • Yellow Switch: Can be actived again after some time.
  • Blue Switch: Each one has a special effect.
  • B-Doing: Launches Pac-Man in air when Butt-Bounced.
  • Steep slopes: Can't walk on it, only Rev Roll or Butt-Bounce works.
  • Rev Pad: Keep B in order to activate.
  • Helivator: Keep B in order to move.
  • Fruit Door: You need the relative fruit in order to open.


  • Butt-Bounce: Press A button while in air.
  • Rev Roll: Keep B button, then release.
  • throwing a Pac-Dot: Press R button, keep for Super Pac-Dot explosion.


  • Leave screen faster: The trigger for reaching the next area is vertical, instead of following the isometric 3D. This means that you can save some frames when you have some spare time for walking up before reaching it (eg: while you jump over steps).
  • Quick Butt-Bounce: Instead of jumping, walk off a ledge and go back while pressing A on the next frame. This allows to trigger switches without having to jump, as well as being able to reach higher places faster.
  • Moving platforms boost: Helivators and moving platforms have they own speed which gets stacked to Pac-Man's when he jumps.
  • Landing boost: When you land while doing a Rev Roll, if you jump on the same frame you touch the ground and you don't press any directional button, you will keep the speed. The speed will gradually decrement while in air, so you need to resume using the directional buttons after some frames. This trick can be used when falling from any kind of edges, even from Switch buttons.
  • Reverse ledge jump boost: If you're on the ledge of a moving platform, if you do a Rev Roll towards the inner of the edge, Pac-Man's will instantly stop; jumping on the same frame will have the same effect of the landing boost trick, which enables to make longer jumps.
  • Reverse wall jump boost: Same as above, if you Rev Roll against a wall at point blank distance and jump on the same frame you stop, Pac-Man will perform a long jump backwards.
  • Corner pit jump boost: When you touch the corner of a pit while Rev Rolling Pac-Man will instantly stop, and if you press jump on the same frame you will make a long jump, just like in the two tricks above.
  • Invincibility glitch: While you have no hit points left, throw a Pac-Dot while you're being hit. Needs frame precision. You'll remain unvulnerable until you leave the screen.
  • Damage abuse: You keep your current X and Y speeds for some moments. Also, if you reach the exit of the current room while you're being hit, the screen transition will be instantaneous.
  • Super discounted Pac-Dot explosion glitch: Keep R button fo exactly the minimum amount of frame necessary for Super Pac-Dot explosion, 90 frames. This will make it cost just 1 Pac-Dot, instead of 10. Very useful during the final fight.


  • Second beach level, frame 5660 (1:34): That jump is very tight and requires very precise movements in order to turn around the wall and reach the platform on the right; it's very hard to perform in real time. In a normal playthrough, you're supposed to proceed by swimming underwater, which is soooo slow.
  • Second beach level, frame 6520 (1:49): With pixel precise movement, it's possible to get warped on an invisible floor above. I then jump on another invisible floor, and then directly reach the exit from behind.
  • Second beach level, frame 8800: (2:27)I clip through the door by jumping on its upper edge with pixel precision. It's possible to exit normally, but instead I approached the door with subpixel precision in order to get instantly warped upside.
  • First cave level, frame 14540 (4:03): There is a spider that descends from above, and I Butt-Bounce on it as soon as possible in order to climb directly towards the exit.
  • First cave level, frame 16700 (4:39): The Helivator makes that platform rise, opening a shortcut; it quickly closes itself again though. Need to be quick.
  • First cave level, frame 19490 (5:26): I Butt-Bounce on an enemy in order to zip towards a high place, but the real zip goes right after that: I used the landing boost in order to perform a long jump. You're normally supposed to take a huge detour and travel them by a Helivator found on the far right. Screw the rules, we're just going to swim our way through the air.
  • First cave level, frame 20470 (5:42): On the same frame you regain control it's possible to jump, effectively bringing Pac-Man inside the wall. Until you get enough below the water level, you can jump again and again. Moving by jumping is much faster than swimming.
  • Second space level, frame 39870 (11:07): Glitch found by chance and only applicable in this specific spot. It's easier to do it yourself than explaining, but I'll try... In order to perform it you need to: 1) be in air, 2) enter the corridor on right, second floor, 3) touch the invisible wall by pressing Down button, 4) go out of the corridor by going Left, 5) approach the invisible wall of the corridor from the outside, 6) move for at least two frames in Up+Right direction, 7) touch the invisible wall from outside of the corridor. In this order, while still in air. If done correctly, you will instantly warp to the fifth floor. Don't ask why. Don't.

Useful addresses (.wch format)

SystemID GBA
000B40	d	s	0	EWRAM	Pac-Man X
000B44	d	s	0	EWRAM	Pac-Man Y
000B48	d	s	0	EWRAM	Pac-Man Z
000D08	d	s	0	EWRAM	Cam X
000D0C	d	s	0	EWRAM	Cam Y
000AEE	b	u	0	EWRAM	Dash charge
000AF2	b	u	0	EWRAM	Explosion charge
001C38	b	u	0	EWRAM	Pac-Dots
001C3B	b	s	0	EWRAM	Pac-Man HP
002126	w	s	0	EWRAM	Toc-Man damage
003DCC	d	s	0	EWRAM	Toc-Man X
003DD0	d	s	0	EWRAM	Toc-Man Y

Memory: Looks interesting, claiming
ThunderAxe31: File replaced with a 824 frames improvement.
ThunderAxe31: File replaced with a 2 frames improvement.
Memory: Movie seems well-executed.
There's plenty to enjoy with this movie with the zips, various movement options and other techniques. I do wish that the movement was a tad bit more fluid but it's still enjoyable regardless. The audience also appeared to like the movie so the choice of tier seems obvious.
Accepting to Moons.
Memory: Setting to delayed in light of a new glitch.
ThunderAxe31: File replaced with a 179 frames improvement.
ThunderAxe31: File replaced with a 340 frames improvement.
Memory: ...OK is it over? OK good. Anyways the new glitches are cool but the rest of the TAS is mostly unchanged so still accepting to Moons.
feos: Pub.

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