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Obsoleting Movie
This is a historic movie, submitted and obsoleted before the creation of the database-based (and wiki-based) site engine, before July 2004.
It was inserted to the database in a history revival project by Bisqwit in autumn 2006.

Selected comments from the author:
It´s Goonies 1! Had completely forgot that this game even excisted but then I found it somehow. It´s actually similiar to Goonies 2, but faster and more simple. The only annoyance is that you have to wait for bombs to explode so you can open doors and obtain keys and goonies. Also it´s kinda random but I think I have the fastest route for every stage. Also I managed to manipulate the last stage so the girl was behind the very first door instead of the last. This saved me 13 seconds.
This was the first and last Goonies submission that even resembled something normal. All the successors just walked through the ending doors without bothering to collect keys.
Published on 6/5/2004
The Goonies

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