Submission #6118: EZGames69, was0x's NES Takeshi no Chousenjou "warp glitch" in 03:51.14

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator BizHawk 2.2.2
Game Version JPN Frame Count 13891
ROM Filename Takeshi no Chousenjou (Japan).nes Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch warp glitch Rerecord Count 3368
Unknown Authors EZGames69
(Additionally: was0x)
Game Takeshi no Chousenjou
Submitted by EZGames69 on 10/3/2018 11:00:39 PM

Submission Comments
This is an improvement of 2 frames from the published movie. I pretty much tried to find any sort of improvement, and it almost seems like luck that I was able to find anything. Since this is such a small improvement, I don't feel like making a temporary encode is necessary, if you want to see what the run looks like check the published movie:
But here's what was saved:

Boss's Office

I jumped on a specific frame before I entered the first room in the game which somehow make me closer to the edge of the screen, being able to save 1 frame in that room.

Karaoke Bar

Honestly I don't know how this happened, I seem to have somehow moved inputs enough to sit down at the table a frame earlier.
Everything else is basically the same. I wasn't able to find any other improvements. I'd be impressed if someone can find anything else.
Note to whoever might publish this, there is an extra message box at the end that says somthing along the lines of “why take this game so seriously?” Only one published run shows this message.

Memory: Replacing file with one that syncs
Memory: Judging
Memory: Optimization seems good, improved over the published movie.
Aside from the glitch, this movie is fairly bland. It has a large amount of meh votes as well and very little audience feedback. The published movie has low ratings as well.
Accepting to Vault.
feos: Pub

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