Submission #6270: KusogeMan's SNES Disney's Magical Quest 3 starring Mickey & Donald "2 players" in 24:30.49

Console Super NES Emulator lsnes rr2- beta 23 [bsnes v085]
Game Version JPN Frame Count 88375
ROM Filename Mickey to Donald - Magical Adventure 3 (Japan).sfc Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch 2 players Rerecord Count 29624
Unknown Authors KusogeMan
Game Disney's Magical Quest 3 Starring Mickey & Donald
Submitted by KusogeMan on 2/17/2019 3:12:41 AM

Submission Comments
my progress was documented in the mickey 3 thread, can somebody format this for me?
General commentary:
I take damage to manipulate bosses, when it's faster to take damage and i kill characters to switch suits faster and have access to higher sections earlier.
2p is faster in boss fights because you can alternate attacks, it sometimes loses a little bit oftime because of how spawning and camera works!I killed characters to avoid some of the major losses.
played on easy, bosses have same pattern but are faster to kill, stage layout is easier too and sometimes faster, but in very specific cases, it's slower(but mostly faster)
Stage-specific commentary:
Stage 1
I start with one character only as i lose time in cutscenes and platforming with both, even though the start could be a little faster if donald was there to attack enemies earlier and clear the way, but the net timeloss was horrible thanks to cutscenes. Anyway, we learn that knight suit can water hop just like any other suit, it's only the swimming that's unavailable. Carrying objects works the same way. The chicken boss wouldn't have benefitted from 2 players but the last boss surely did. Stage 2
I boost from trees and pillars by changing sides and jumping, it's the main improvement in this stage from darkfulgore's run.I also keep momentum from slides with jumps and even damage in one part of first area.I called it at the time an "Assboost" as they fly with their bottoms propelled.Playing the game with cousing gave me the idea of using knight suit in the moth battle, but I hadn't realized i could water hop with mickey at first instead of donald buoyancy. I started the strategic suicides here to switch suits instead of waiting.
Stage 3
This stage is weird cause you get the suit later. I had to switch suits later because the cutscene with donald's nephew simply switches you back to normal. I used a suicide in the second part to boost one character up and avoid the shitty platforming back and forth, I hated the TASing without seeing feature, wish i had the scripts people use in other games.I also finished a section from a pit because in order to finish the stage you just had to reach the horizontal end, and not a specific part of it.
Stage 4
I took a shitload of time with that boost that enables me to enter the ship earlier, but it was worth it. The forest suit doesn't leave the other character behind despite taking boosts, there aren't boosts enough to justify both character boosting, and consequently switching suits to boost at the pillars.
Stage 5
Water stage, I drown to avoid slowing down but sometimes taking damage is better cause it doesn't create lag, that's why you see some damage taken instead. It's also interesting that taking damage next to the ceiling ends the animation faster. You bounce the head in the ceiling and keep going as nothing happened. The second part I do multiple boosts to avoid a lot of the pillar platforming which i only show off at the end, it was really neat not having to bring mickey and also showed how weird the camera in the game is, it only relocates when a character touches the floor, so if you keep jumping, it simply won't. I managed to avoid the timewasting behavior of the boss, which is more tentacles than necessary and going to the background.
Stage 6
The first part of the stage is a nightmare, the mechanic introduced of snow piling up is interesting but is a problem if you want to get speed in the downslopes, which by the way, are conserved with well-timed jumps. I always did some action that remove the snow(going backwards for a frame), but occasionally, it was useful. The second part was only a nightmare because i did the 2 versions of the stage as always, and found out that the offscreen characters can't grab trees and pillars, so they had to wait for the camera to adjust. Solution? Suicide and centering the camera in one guy. I hope nobody takes the lessons in this game to real life.The Yeti was manipulated to do the freezing breath because it's a lot faster to end than the chain attack.
Stage 7
This stage has the highest number of bosses in any stage. The first part of the stage contained some life-ups which i didn't take, as they were laggy as hell but in hindsight maybe they could be used in the last platforming section. It also contained the worst section of TASing in my life, those stairs with fire were incredibly hard to dodge while maintaining momentum. The second part is an autoscroller activated by going up, and I did the earliest jump possible to the door to finish that section, character simply wouldnt go higher than that and i had to manipulate the pillar dragon to be at the right side to do a boosted jump. First boss is already known, just a little more durable and i used donald's lasso throw first because it has better hitboxes.The last platforming section is horrible,I either had to use the magic suit to activate the platform or a combination of suits to let donald go forward. This is also the section which if i had more lives maybe i could have sacrificed one character to let only one advance and revive it later, as done on stage 6. The worst thing is that /I couldn't fall straight down and had to step into some blocks, because the camera didn't go as fast and killed BOTH characters.Died for going too fast, it would count as a pitfall the offscreen section.
Bosses after that are straightforward, skinny guy is manipulated to die in the lower part and i prioritized saving a full hit which is double damage while keeping constant damage with the other character. Big pete probably has some better RNG options like pillar attack only, but putting out the fire was the best i could do to make the battle go quicker. The second part of the battle I scored a lot of 2hit cycles,it was pretty good and i avoided the volcano attack.
Possible improvements:
Testing the knight upgrade which costs 300 coins in one character, so it would need farming and time wasting.Maybe it has more value in terms of timesaving for a Hard Mode run?
Better manips for some of the bosses, but most of them have completely optimal patterns. Better understanding of damage and hp, I either do a full hit or just go ham with early as possible attacks, but even this seems to be a little irrelevant as i did a lot of jump attacks to save energy for the big hits and the damage of those jumps was the same as a normal attack. Bosses i think could be improved in terms of pattern:Big pete first section, cannon guy(he appears twice!but to be fair i got double shots at the time, i only wish i could control the distance he would shoot), I honestly don't think there's anything else. Maybe if I had better understanding i could get these patterns in less frames, but i mostly wait very little for these optimal patterns.
That last platforming section in the final stage. If you want to try to improve that, I'll coauthor you but you'll have to get a faster time anyway lol.
THANKS: to all the people that supported me with motivation, TASvideos players in general for being an inspiration with their runs, and you for reading this.I hope we all have great lives and enjoy our TASing for a long long time.

feos: I found this movie quite boring, but the game is good, the movie is good, and the audience enjoyed it. Accepting to Moons.
feos: Renamed the game to make it match the franchise name better, even though there's no English release for SNES (but there is for GBA).
Dacicus: Processing...

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