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  • Platform: NES
  • Abbreviation: arkanoid
  • Display Name: Arkanoid
  • GoodTools Name: Arkanoid
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  • Action


Arkanoid (1987) strongly resembles the arcade game Breakout (1976). In Arkanoid, the paddle is actually a spaceship, and the bricks are space walls. The goal of the game is to break through the space walls and defeat the villainous Doh in order to escape from the space labyrinth.
Chef Stef improves the previous TAS by 1 minute and 15.62 seconds, thanks to much better optimisation in many stages. Please read the author's comments for more details.
Watch this TAS being played back on a real console.
This run exploits a programming error that allows the author to start playing from level 23. If you notice that there's nothing meaningful going on in the first minute of the movie, this is normal: the actual gameplay takes place only after triggering the "game over" screen.
See the author's comments for more information on this glitch.
This improves the author's previous movie by about 5 seconds.

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