Submission #6436: Juarez's Genesis Sunset Riders "low%, pacifist" in 10:31.86

Console Sega Genesis Emulator Gens Re-Recording v11
Game Version USA Frame Count 37863
ROM Filename Sunset Riders (U) [!].gen Frame Rate 59.922751013550524
Branch low%, pacifist Rerecord Count 3952
Unknown Authors Juarez
Game Sunset Riders
Submitted by Juarez on 6/25/2019 11:35:15 AM

Submission Comments
Hello to all fans Sunset Riders and speedruns! Present to you my TAS on the Genesis platform! This is 1 player mode! Played for Billy Cool!
Low, lowscore, no coins, no items, pacifist (only bosses killed)!
Thank you all for watching! Hope you enjoyed it!

ThunderAxe31: Juarez, I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish by submitting the same three movies again after that they got rejected. Judgments for these movies have been already delivered with relative explanations, as you can read at the bottom of the relative submission texts (6415, 6416, 6417). Submitting the same movies again won't give a chance to have a different judgment. Submitting should be done for movies that have a chance to be accepted, otherwise it's just spam that can only bother our community members, as all new submissions are announced in real-time in our IRC channel, Discord server, and RSS feed.
If you're unsatisfied with the judgment that your movies got before, and you wish for a different outcome, you should instead try to convince the Judge that their judgment is incorrectly applying the Movie Rules or the Judge Guidelines. Then, and only if the Judge will consider your arguments reasonable, the submission will be judged again, in view of your arguments. If that isn't enough, you can also contact the Senior Judge (feos) or an Administrator (adelikat and Nach).
Since these three submissions are invalid, I'm cancelling them. Next time you have a problem, don't make a new submission, but instead you should ask for help, and wait for a response before acting.

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