Submission #6445: Soig's NES Battle City: Zeng Ge Hack in 09:53.19

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEUX 2.2.3
Game Version JPN Frame Count 35650
ROM Filename Battle City - Zeng Ge Hack V4.nes Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Rerecord Count 9374
Unknown Authors Soig
Game Battle City: Zeng Ge Hack
Submitted by Soig on 7/6/2019 5:20:52 PM

Submission Comments

About the game

Battle City is also named "坦克大战" in Chinese. This time, I'll show you a great hack which made by ZENG GE. Maybe you don't know who he is. But you should know his another name "zyr2288" in this site.
The author gives it a name, Battle City -- ZENG GE hack, sounds so informal... There are 20 levels in it. And every level has its own topic.
Patch link:
Here is bps patcher. If you need it.

About the movie

  • Multi-player mode
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Luck manipulation

Important info in each level

  • stage 1 "pooyan"
You can't get any item. Because you can only move at the side.
  • stage 2 "light off"
You can't see any enemy on the screen. Unless you get their position and drawed by a .lua file.
  • stage 3 "face to ass"
You always move back. And bullet is shooted by the back of tank.
  • stage 4 "green line rush"
Enemy can't shoot before arriving at the green line.
  • stage 5 "cross fire"
Just move to the end. Avoid the bullets moving on the screen.
  • stage 6 "control bullet"
You are stuck in the sea. To kill the enemy, you need to control your bullet to go to them and avoid all eagles.
  • stage 7 "the sacrifices"
To save eagles, you have to sacrifice yourself.
  • stage 8 "leave body"
Every enemy will become eagle after dying. So you need to be careful.
  • stage 9 "windy day"
You blown by the wind.
  • stage 10 "BOSS: ROLL TANK"
A rolling tank moves on the screen. Can you catch it?
  • stage 11 "random way"
Enemies' bullets moves on a random way. Be careful.
  • stage 12 "narrower field"
Spike goes up. Kills all enemies as fast as you can.
  • stage 13 "portal"
Transmit enemies to designated place to kill them.
  • stage 14 "1 minute"
You can't shoot until wait for ONE MINUTE.
  • stage 15 "red and green light"
You can't move while light is red. Or you'll die.
  • stage 16 "autofire"
Your gun is autofire. You can't shoot at eagles.
  • stage 17 "circle"
Your bullet spin around. Can you shoot an enemy?
  • stage 18 "lucky items"
A enemy at the center which could give you item.
  • stage 19 "plus number"
Enemy's number increases. You need to kill them as fast as you can.
  • stage 20 "BOSS: HANDLE AND TANK"
Two bosses in this stage.


这次我带来的是坦克大战的改版。值得一提的是这是个非常有新意的作品,一共包含20个关卡,而且每一关都有它自己的主题。但它的名字叫做“坦克大战——ZENG GE 改版”,听起来很随意的样子……
游戏作者是ZENG GE,一个国人hacker。在本网站他的昵称是zyr2288,是魂斗罗1代部分记录的作者。
是bps补丁生成器. 如果你需要它的话。


  • 双人模式
  • 目标最速
  • 运气控制

ThunderAxe31: Judging.
ThunderAxe31: This is a very interesting Battle City hack, featuring unique game mechanics in each level. There aren't many hacks like this, so no doubts this is a good game choice. Audience reception was also positive.
There are no issues with run optimality either, as the author pulled out a mind-blowing amount of luck manipulation.
Accepting for the Moons.
ThunderAxe31: I have to explain more in detail why I consider this hack to be worthy of being featured in a published movie, as we demand hacks to feature something unique and different from the game they are based on, as well as from other existing hacks.
After looking thoroughly at all the most promising hacks available for Battle City, I had to come to the conclusion that only Zeng Ge Hack and Binary City are the ones suitable for our standards. The issue is that most hacks are just re-skins or level mods, which wouldn't introduce much different gameplay compared to the published Battle City movie, as everything would end up consisting in erasing enemy tanks all the time by manipulating repeated spawning of the handgrenade item. It also doesn't help that a massive level hack was commercialized as a bootlegged cart, namely Tank 1990, which means that it would be applicable for Vault and thus leaving even less room for considering the addition of downloadable-only level hacks.
I also have to note that beside Zeng Ge Hack and Binary City, there exist four other actual gameplay hacks made by another author, named TLT. However, with all the due respect to the efforts of that hack author, those consist of very plain game mechanics that don't make for high quality hacks, nor would they be able to be a good base for showcasing tool-assisted play. The fact that on those hacks feature higher download counts than Zeng Ge Hack can't be considered indicative of a stronger following, also because those were released years before Zeng Ge Hack.
For these reasons, everything I already wrote for the current judgment stands.
feos: Pub.

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