Submission #6524: kierio04's NES SMB1 Hard Type "warps" in 05:23.87

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEUX 2.2.2
Game Version unknown Frame Count 19464
ROM Filename SMB1 Hard Type (SMB1 Hack).nes Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch warps Rerecord Count 3340
Unknown Authors kierio04
Game Unknown Game
Submitted by kierio04 on 10/4/2019 6:05:03 AM

Submission Comments
An earthquake has struck the Mushroom Kingdom and all 8 worlds have been damaged(although some more than others). Watch as I complete SMB1 Hard Type (a hack of the original Super Mario Bros.) with many familiar strategies to finish the game but with some unexpected alterations.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: FCEUX 2.2.2
  • Complete the game as fast as possible (i.e. touch the axe at the end of 8-4 in the least amount of frames)
  • Use warps

Low-quality encode

Stage by stage comments


Completely different level when compared to the original game. A framerule could only be saved if 10 more frames were saved somewhere. There (sadly) happens to be no way to face left when exiting the "pipe" and therefore there is no way to accelerate faster. There may be some way of saving 1 frame when accelerating in the underground room and possibly 1 frame could be saved from a slightly faster flagpole glitch, but it would change nothing since the framerule barrier is much further away than 2 frames.


Same level, different path. In this level, you will find walls missing, floors missing, and blocks in the wrong place. The framerule for 1-2 is far enough away that you can change your strategies or lower your speed for a few frames to add entertainment. You will notice I opt to go for the slower pipe clip method. This is for one reason, which will be explained in the 4-2 comments.


With the floor for the entire level missing, you are forced to use (and wait a long time for) the lift. The extra time is used for as much entertainment as can be present. I will be doing some testing in the next few days to see if it is possible to bypass the lift by using the roof. So far, there is no other way to progress through the level. Since there is no floor, I cannot perform a flagpole glitch. I slow down before hitting the flagpole to enable the timer to count below 276 (which gives 6 fireworks and loses a LOT of time)


The hack of this game has one flaw when performing glitches. The subpixel values are slightly different which means performing glitches is increasingly difficult if not impossible. Since the 4-2 wallclip is so early on in the level, I had not enough time to alter my subpixels to match the values needed to perform the trick properly and so you see a 1-framerule slower method being performed, which ultimately looks more entertaining, since you pass from a floor to the one above. This subpixel flaw is also a problem in 1-2, where I opt to take the slower pipe clip. Since the pipe is far enough at the end of the level, there probably is a way to perform the trick, but since it loses no time and (in my personal opinion) it looks cleaner, I didn't spend extra time attempting the advanced method.

8-1 to 8-3

World 8 looks almost identical to the original game. In 8-1, some floors are removed, but change no gameplay, some piranha plants have smaller hitboxes, which allow for some viewer-stressing pipe jumps to be performed. In 8-2, the floor at the end of the level is removed, which changes nearly nothing. Although bullet bill glitch is possible, the flagpole and timer actually fall into a constant music loop where the screen continuously scrolls right and the game itself is impossible to complete (you can see this glitch here). This is why I attempt perform flagpole glitch instead. I hold L+R for one frame to enable the timer to count below 373 (which gives 3 fireworks and loses the time saved from flagpole glitch). In 8-3, the spring prevents me from being able to hit the top of the flagpole, so I instead go for the highest score reachable (800).


Bowser's castle of course remains unharmed by the earthquake. The only change being the colour of the pipes and the underwater exit pipe. Other than that, I complete the level in a different way to HappyLee's "warps" TAS (of the original game) to keep the entertainment level high.

Other comments

It would be nice to see a way to complete 4-1 without needing to use the lift to progress through the level, but I will be testing this and it will be confirmed within the next few days whether it is possible to avoid the lift or not. It would also be great if you can perform bullet bill glitch in 8-2 without Mario falling out of the stage, but I don't think that'll ever happen. If someone found a way to perform the wallclip in 4-2 properly, then a framerule (0.35s) would be saved. Other than that, I really enjoyed making this TAS and I am extremely satisfied with this movie, and hope to start working on the warpless category very soon after testing the 4-1 theory.
  • Suggested screenshot: Frame #15042
  • Suggested movie description: Anything along the lines of the first sentence in this submission text.


Here you can find the new version of this TAS which skips the majority of the lift in 4-1, this is not intended as a new submission but I just wanted to add it here so that it didn't look like I didn't optimise the TAS.

Maru: Judging.
Maru: Here at TASVideos, we demand that hacks show off interesting content/features compared to games made with the same engine. The game itself has to be judged based on quality and notability.
A good example of a hack that meets those quality and notability standards would be Extra Mario Bros, which we indeed have a publication of. If you take a look, the game features upgrades such as the double jump that you do not find in SMB1, and the gameplay as a whole is significantly different and less linear compared to the original game.
This game appears to reuse many levels from the original SMB1, only providing minor changes and cosmetic updates. This is against our movie rules. Please read this for more information: Game Must Be Real.

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