Submission #662: KameZa's NES Super Mario in 05:49.55

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator Famtasia
Game Version USA Frame Count 20973
ROM Filename Super Mario.nes Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 356
Unknown Authors KameZa
Game Super Mario Bros.
Submitted by KameZa on 5/4/2005 4:13:50 PM

Submission Comments
I used Famtasia on this. This was also my first timeattack.I used all of the warps 1-2, 4-2. I tried to do this as fast as possible. It was no programming errors in the game. It was hard too jump on the side of the pipes and yes i took 1 hit in this timeattack This game is g00d i like it VERY much. P.S i´m swedish so i dont email me thanks :)

Judge's verdict

Bisqwit: I'm sorry, but you have obviously missed the part of Guidelines that says you should actually check existing records (and beat them) if you aim for speed.
And you probably also missed the bold text that said: Before pressing the Save button, please verify that you read the rules and the guidelines.
Better luck next time!

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