Submission #6640: zyr2288 & aiqiyou's NES Jackal "2 players" in 07:10.82

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Nintendo Entertainment System
2 players
FCEUX 2.2.3
Jackal (U) [!].nes
Submitted by aiqiyou on 3/1/2020 2:36:02 AM
Submission Comments
A few years ago, zyr2288 made a 2 Players TAS of Jackal, the time is 7:16.73. But he didn't submitted it on TASV. Now we improved it with 355 frames, which include 68 frames and 287 lags. The main technique used in this TAS is shoot at the bottom of the screen to attack the enemy at the top of the screen. In this work, I am mainly responsible for editing TAS. Zyr2288 provided me with his previous FM2 documents, and proposed some improvement points and technical support. Zyr2288 also a hack author of Jackal. He has a deep understanding of the game. You can download his Jackal hack on
In the fifth level, at 19688th frame of this TAS, I took a shortcut near the airport, it can save 17 frames' journey. At the end of fifth level, I let 2p die and get a flash captive, to reduce the weapon level of 2p. Because in the last level, 2p is too far behind, high-level weapons can not play a practical effect, and will cause a lot of lag.
About the final level, the machine gun track at 24311 frame is the difficulty of TAS. With the help of the limit of the maximum number of enemies in the game, some machine guns can be controlled to be unable to shoot.
Screenshot suggest is 19764F, 19688F or 24263F.

feos: Nice improvements, and 2P makes it look better than 1P, yet there wasn't a lot of excitement in the audience feedback, and the existing runs have Vault ratings. Also as I showed in the thread, 1P and 2P still look quite similar. So we can't have them as 2 branches, and I'm not sure which tier this submission should be accepted to. The current publication was only moved to Moons because it was theorized that it had a time-saving death that it avoided, but there's no convincing evidence about this. Originally it was vaulted when the tier was created, like both its predecessors. I personally consider it borderline. I'll do the same thing I did to #5992: klmz's NES Formation Z in 01:51.90 and accept this to Moons, because it's still a vaultable goal and we can move it if we need later. This obsoletes [1164] NES Jackal "1 player" by klmz in 07:25.98.
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