Submission #6845: KietTezend's PSX Lucifer Ring in 20:17.72

Console Sony PlayStation Emulator BizHawk-2.4
Game Version unknown Frame Count 72990
ROM Filename Lucifer Ring (Japan) (Track 1).cue Frame Rate 59.94008455173456
Branch Rerecord Count 2714
Unknown Authors KietTezend
Game Unknown Game
Submitted by KietTezend on 8/18/2020 8:45:50 AM

Submission Comments
Sorry for bad english. And im Newbie - running while attacking will faster an normal.
- Use Death to save time
- Jumping while attacking will cause more damage than normal
- Final Boss can be defeated without destroy 4 core
- Holy Sword "SP" attack can take 1 boss life bar
- higher difficulty enemy HP will increase
+ Easy enemy 0.5x hp
+ Normal 1x hp
+ Hard 1.5x hp
+ Extreme 2x hp
- best sword form worst to best. My opinion
Normal Sword < Fire Sword < Ice Sword < Thunder Sword < Holy Sword
- Color enemy "life bar" from RED to Gray:
RED > Green > Dark Blue > Pink > Gray

Memory: Claiming
Memory: So this is your third Lucifer Ring TAS submitted in a rather short period of time, submitted 1 day after your last submission was judged. In the judgment notes you were told to take your time and given a bunch of other helpful advice. Spike even provided a wip for you to compare against. This submission not only fails to beat Spike's wip, it fails to even match it. Speed oriented submissions must beat all existing records. You have clearly not been listening to the advice given.

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