Epic Pinball



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Epic Pinball is a pinball video game played from a 2D top-down view within a scrollable window. The CD release this TAS was played on comes with the twelve tables (including Super Android from the shareware release) from the floppy releases as well as an additional table: African Safari.
DrD2k9 plays on the Enigma table and summons said Enigma in record time.
This table from Epic Pinball was widely distributed as shareware in the mid 1990s. The stated objective is to "[b]ring the android to life!"
The author of this run does just that, maxing out all of the game counters and achieving a very impressive final score.

Game Versions

Type Name Title Override Region Version Sha1 Md5 Platform
Good PINBALL.EXE U fa4d5b6d9389b1b8479a8f8b81ec1d2a253898fc f17190391afdbd8da1225595cccb0a39 DOS