Submission #6934: Evan0512's Genesis Marble Madness in 02:34.32

Sega Genesis
BizHawk 2.5.2
Marble Madness (USA, Europe).md
Submitted by Evan0512 on 11/15/2020 12:38 AM
Submission Comments

Game objectives

  • BizHawk 2.5.2
  • Aims for the fastest time
  • Uses only one death as a shortcut in the last level
  • "Goal glitches" on practice, intermediate, and ultimate races (the intermediate race goal doesn't count as a death)
  • Shortcuts on all races except the beginners' race


I saved 320 frames in this run due to the newly used "goal glitches" on the first and the last race. The death on the last race is I wanted to get the black marble away and perform an unusual glitch when the ball is on the air, a part of the platform appears and the marble surfaces on the platform, avoiding a swirl, saving several seconds.

Stage by stage comments

Practice Race

I used a ramp and it landed on the left side of the platform. I make the dizziness happen when it reaches the goal line.

Beginners' Race

Just a regular level. No shortcuts.

Intermediate Race

At the beginning of it, I make a fall and landed on the top platform. Then I make it fell into the bottom platform on the right side of it. Then I make shortcuts, and in the end, I make it fall until the goal sound and the marble breaking, which is not death.

Aerial Race

There is a shortcut when I avoid a marble thrower that goes from right to left side of the platform. I didn't make a shortcut from the middle to the left, so I will go around there. In the end, there is an unusual end.

Silly Race

There is only one shortcut on the end ramp and made it into the goal line without dizzying (there is a goal pole, and it doesn't go through).

Ultimate Race

I have to make a fall at the end of the race to also make a black marble fell. It counts as the only death. After that, I move the marble while pressing the A button, and when the platform start to appear, the marble resurfaces to the platform. I made dizzy at the end of the race.
Here is what happened:
  • About 2:20 game time
  • Cancelling because of slower times.
  • Also, I have to cancel because I forgot to put the name in the "congratulations" screen.
  • I ended the movie at the end of the ultimate race goal line.
  • I resumed verification because filling out 3 characters in the "congratulations" screen is optional.

Samsara: Judging... Again...?
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