Submission #6942: Qr1pt1k, Squashh_1's Wii New Super Mario Bros. Wii "No World 5" in 44:37.12

Console Nintendo Wii Emulator Dolphin 5.0
Game Version USA v1.1 Frame Count 983231
ROM Filename New Super Mario Bros Wii [SMNE01] Frame Rate 367.2723306452426
Branch No World 5 Rerecord Count 25275
Unknown Authors Qr1pt1k
(Additionally: Squashh_1)
Game New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Submitted by Qr1pt1k on 11/25/2020 4:13:13 AM

Submission Comments
Encode Link:

Emulator Info

  • Emulator used: Dolphin 5.0 Lua Core by SwareJonge
  • Dual Core: OFF
  • Idle Skipping: OFF
  • DSP Emulator Engine: DSP LLE Recompiler
  • EuRGB60: OFF


  • Branch: No W5
  • Objective: Complete the game as fast as possible without the use of World 5. The fastest route for this objective is to play through the first two worlds and take the cannons in worlds 3 and 6.
  • Grabbing the Penguin Suit in 3-1 saves ~30 seconds over keeping the Propeller Suit over the course of the TAS.
  • An intentional ground-pound is done in 3-2 at the end, with the aim of manipulating the RNG of the Ice Bros. that follow. Because of this, I lose half a second in 3-2 only to save ~25 more seconds by not running into any Ice Bros. in the overworld map.

Possible/Theoretical Timesave

  • Better RNG handing in 3-2.
  • Getting a faster first pipe cycle than what's already possible in 8-Airship, and performing a trick known as "Coding Double Bombless" with the Penguin powerup instead of using the Propeller powerup. This allows me to keep Penguin into 8-Castle, potentially saving time.

Samsara: Apart from this upcoming usage, my judgement will also not contain a 5.
Samsara: Heads up, we're barreling full steam ahead into another "Samsara starts off a judgement by calling it interesting" moment. I feel like I've had somewhere between 4 and 6 of these since I came back.
So, this is a pretty good movie, optimization looks solid throughout, and the audience liked it, but there's one thing that makes this less straightforward and more interesting of a judgement... That category. The majority of the thread had concerns over the category choice. I will now arbitrarily inflate my judgement note length by directly quoting people in the thread. That statement will be way funnier if you're staff.
"Speaking of the branch however, I don't really see a point of why this would be publishable to the site, we have had examples like this before and most of them aren't accepted really, but I will leave the interpretation of if this a publishable branch to them, but in my personal opinion, I just really don't see the need."
"What is the point of this? If we're not allowed to use the optimal cannon route, then just don't use the cannons at all. No cannons makes more sense since it allows for more gameplay without being arbitrary."
"This seems extremely arbitrary of a category, the exact kind we don't want. If you have to use too many exceptions in your goal definition, it's not really a good goal. If we're already talking about replacing the goal with a better goal, it's REALLY not a good goal."
"Unfortunately I have to abstain from voting because I don’t feel this category in question is suitable for what the site wants."
The consensus here seems to be overwhelmingly "this is arbitrary but entertaining, I really wanna see what you can do with cannonless though". Cannonless would definitely be an acceptable goal here alongside the warps and 100% runs. It serves as a proper, middle ground between the two runs, giving a lot more room than the warps run to show things off while still allowing for different routing/entertainment choices over the Star Coin focused 100% run, while also avoiding this run's sole pitfall of just being a suboptimal any% route. SRC even defines the run as such, leading me to believe that this is strictly an RTA-focused category that, as far as I can tell (don't quote me on this, it's pure conjecture from reading SRC), was invented for people to avoid a particularly tricky level skip in the fourth stage of the skipped world. Even if the run was acceptable, the branch name doesn't make any sense: Worlds 4 and 7 are also skipped because of the warps, so singling out one specific world as the category name is simply inaccurate. There's no good way of accurately and concisely defining the category, really.
I'm rejecting this for goal choice. Now I need to eat breakfast, as it's almost 5 in the morning. WAIT, AW HECK,

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