Submission #7114: Natetheman223's GC Spider-Man in 25:34.27

Nintendo GameCube
Dolphin 5.0
Submitted by Natetheman223 on 5/4/2021 5:51 AM
Submission Comments
Spider-Man is a game loosely based on the... okay, we've already been through this twice now.
Chances are, you probably know how this goes. I made a run of Green Goblin Any% and Spider-Man 100%; you can read the extensive descriptions on either of those if you genuinely don't know how a run of this game plays out.
This is Any% as Spider-Man. Plays on easiest difficulty, aims for fastest time with no restrictions (other than no in-game cheat usage).
My previous Spider-Man Any% was 26:24 RTA timing, while this one is 25:17 RTA.
One thing I discovered recently is Vick Skip. In "Chase Through the Sewer", there is a cutscene where Shocker tells a thug "It's time to stop that freak! Vick, make it happen!" Vick breaks off the valve and causes water to flow through the pipe which Spider-Man needs to go through, so you have to take out the thug with the valve (Vick) first and shut off the water.
I found a way to go through the pipe even while water blasts out, but doing so prevents the player from grabbing Advanced Web Gloves, which are extremely necessary for the run. So Vick Skip is mainly useful in Cheat%, where the player has all the upgrades from the get-go. It would save around 20 seconds.
I use a partial Vick Skip to enter the pipe AS the water is shutting off, so it saves only 2 or 3 seconds here.
ALSO: this game has pretty significant audio issues when dumping, so be sure to see the encoding notes on my 100% run, or ask zinfidel how to properly line up the audio and video of this game!

feos: This movie only synced for me after I followed these steps and then loaded a state Zinfodel made on a GPU that this movie synced on for him.
There wasn't a lot of feedback, but the action is mostly similar to the 2 existing publications of this game and they have good rating.
Execution looks really good. Accepting to Moons as a fastest completion branch.
Zinfidel: Processing...
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