Submission #7207: letcreate123's Linux Super Win The Game in 06:43.65

Console Linux Emulator libTAS 1.3.5
Game Version any Frame Count 24219
ROM Filename SuperGame_NFML Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 1596
Unknown Authors letcreate123
Game Super Win The Game
Submitted by letcreate123 on 9/3/2021 1:38:27 AM

Submission Comments
The sequel to You Have to Win The Game, Super Win The Game is a platformer with gameplay, graphics and music more similar to the NES. Just like its predecessor, it requires exploring the world to collect upgrades and six hearts in order make progress. However, this movie skips many of the required upgrades and all of the six hearts, only collecting three upgrades in the process.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: libTAS
  • Fastest completion
  • Uses death to save time
  • Heavy glitch abuse


This is a TAS of Super Win The Game that aims to beat the game in the fastest way possible. The end goal of the game is to meet an NPC at the end of the Lair of the Hollow King in order to get to the end screen. Normally, this requires the Magic Snorkel, Springheel Boots, Spider Gloves, Mask of the Arcadians, Arcadians' Seal and Deepskin Catalyst, all just to enter the Lair. However, the Snorkel, Seal and Catalyst can all be skipped by using glitches.


Bell clip

This is by far the most prominent glitch in the entire run. By touching a bell checkpoint while hugging a wall, then savequtting and reloading the save, the player can clip through that wall. This is used to collect the Springheel Boots quicker.

Ceiling bell clip

A variation of the bell clip, this one can be performed by triggering a bell and touching the ceiling at the same time. After savequitting, returning and jumping as soon as the save reloads, the player can clip through the ceiling. This is used to jump over the lava in the room right before Lair of the Hollow King, skipping the Deepskin Catalyst, and used in tandem with another glitch below to skip the entirety of the Lair.

Double air jump

When entering a new area or reloading an autosave from entering a room, the game briefly assumes you're on the ground and allows you to do a ground jump. Normally this is correct, but if you reload the autosave while entering a room from an unintended location, you can do the ground jump even if the character is in the air, allowing you to gain height. Note: When doing this, the game doesn't let you jump until 14 frames after entering or reloading.
Also, this glitch can also be exploited to a lesser extent by jumping on the first possible frame after reloading a save from a bell checkpoint.

Triple jump

This works the exact same way as in the original YHtWtG and also requires Spider Gloves. By either going off a ledge or jumping, then immediately hugging the wall and jumping again, the game gives you an extra jump as it's confused between the coyote jump and the walljump. This is used to avoid a bell in Lakewood Dungeon and line up better for a moving platform.

Super jump

For some strange reason, when you're out of bounds in Lair of the Hollow King, you can get launched upwards with massive speed by jumping at certain spots and a certain way. This saves time over manually climbing up the walls after getting on the ceiling.

The route

Getting the Springheel Boots and Spider Gloves

First we head towards Glacial Palace to get the Springheel Boots; this is required to get the Spider Gloves and several other parts of the run, including Lair of the Hollow King. After getting the boots, we use the book to get back to the beginning of the stage and get into the Subcon to get back to the starting area. Then we head west to the Sky Pillars to get the Spider Gloves. In the process, we trigger the bell checkpoint by the right side of the bridge and deliberately all other bells so that we can die straight after getting the gloves to get back faster than if we were to use the Subcon normally.

Getting the Mask of the Arcadians

Amusingly enough, the Lair skip doesn't require this upgrade, but not having this upgrade will cause the NPC inside the house at the end of the Lair to not load (which is strange, because in normal play you can't get into the house without the Arcadians' Seal, which already requires having the mask). Therefore, we must head towards Lakewood Dungeon to get this item. Once again we avoid touching any checkpoints in the process in order to cut much of the backtracking. We enter from the top by triple jumping for a couple of reasons: it allows up to line up better for the moving platform room to take a speed boost from one of the platforms, and it allows us to avoid a checkpoint at the start of said room. We then quickly walljump up to get to the room and precisely manuever around to collect the item. Then we die on a nearby spike to put us right back at the starting area. We then start heading towards the Lair.

Skipping the Lair

Normally, in order to reach the Lair, you need the Steelskin Catalyst (which in turn requires the Magic Snorkel and the Arcadians' Seal) in order to pass through the pool of lava on the room shortly before it. However, by bell clipping into the ceiling, we get on the ceiling, skipping the requirements. We enter the Lair and as soon as we get past the silhouette room we do a ceiling bell clip and initiate a series of double air jumps to get on top of the ceiling, not only skipping the 6 heart requirement to enter, but the entirety of the Lair as well. We do a super jump to avoid having to climb a wall spanning several rooms, and we keep going right until we reach the house at the end.
Normally, entering the house requires the Arcadians' Seal, but we can also reach this room by jumping off the left of the tall roof and up above. This works because the inside room is stored just above the room the actual house is in. We get on the ledge to replenish our jump, walk off, immediately walk to the right and jump to just about make it inside the room. Finally, we talk to the NPC to end the playthrough and put us in the credits screen.

Other comments

Due to the way libTAS handles the position of the mouse (which is used in the menus to save some frames over using the keyboard), this TAS only syncs in a 640x480 resolution. I also have a 1280x960 version that will be available as a userfile.
Also, libTAS will give out a warning about mismatching hashes; this is normal. I first made this TAS in v1.0 of this game, then "ported" it over to the latest version. Before running this game in libTAS, it must be run on its own at least once in order for it to make the config files, otherwise it will crash as soon as it boots up in libTAS. libTAS 1.3.5 also requires Sound to be muted.
As an added note, the credits room in this game is a bunch of signs and a book at the end; choosing to go back to the dungeon entrance puts you back at the beginning of the credits room, and choosing to read it puts you back in the tutorial, essentially looping the game (but you get to keep all your upgrades, items, diamonds, map progress, etc.), and the path to it is just a straight line. For this reason, I did not include post-completion input in the movie, but I have uploaded and which do read the book in the credits room.
Suggested screenshots: frames 14778 or 20205

feos: Judging...
feos: Updating the movie with a file that syncs on 960p resolution, because we can use that for everything, also added game version.
feos: Just like the other game, this one uses the RTA route but optimizes it, and the result looks good. Accepting.
Since this movie ends on last definitive input, and showing the credits requires extra input, which makes the ending better if it's not optimized (so people can read it without problems), I decided to host a movie with this extra input separately, so it could be used for encoding: (it's the same file the author posted, just with fixed annotations).
fsvgm777: Processing.

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