Submission #7210: Natetheman223's Wii Unknown Game in 02:41.32

(Link to video)
(Submitted: Spider-Man 4)
Dolphin 5.0-10086
Submitted by Natetheman223 on 9/11/2021 4:52 AM
Submission Comments
This is a prototype of Spider-Man 4 for the Wii. It contains:
  • 2 Playable Levels!
  • Options Menu, featuring audio volumes, subtitles (does nothing), control options (does nothing), and brightness.
  • Debug Menu that allows the player to view character models and assets, access art, and other in-progress levels which cannot be completed.
If you have a gamecube controller plugged in, you can access a few more debug options while in-game.
If you need something to compare this run against, watch this video. Apparently when the camera icon appears in the top right, you can take a picture. I don't know how the runner does it, I feel like I pressed every button and couldn't figure it out.
[Staff edit: Don't link ROMS] The game seems to have both a 4:3 and 16:9 mode - or maybe my eyes aren't so keen as to tell if the game is stretched or not. Regardless of the graphics mode, the movie will sync.
This TAS plays through the 2 missions available.
There are not many mechanics, and those that do exist are very clearly unfinished. Wall detection is very poor, oftentimes making you get caught on walls you aren't even close to. Combat is in its early stages as well - although it seems like it may have gotten finished and used in The Amazing Spider-Man.
Each level has two paths. I take the faster ones.
You might think that aiming the wiimote at the orbs in the air will allow you to swing on them sooner, but it actually doesn't.
When wall crawling, if you're going straight up, it's best to just hold up and let spider-man do his thing. But if you're moving even slightly sideways, it's faster to repeatedly jump up the wall. Sideways and diagonal wall crawling is extremely slow. Additionally, when you reach the top of a wall, spider-man has a very slow animation where he rolls up onto his feet. You can avoid it by double jumping over the top of the wall - though the area where spider-man can crawl extends much higher than it should, so you have to jump quite high to get over it.
In combat, it seems like the jump button acts as a dodge button, but it usually doesn't actually evade attacks. It's best to try to group enemies together and hit multiple of them at once, and they die in 3 hits.
Occasionally Spider-Man will do a heavy landing if he lands in a certain spot, but I avoid that by landing just barely out of their zones.
Anyway, neat little prototype; looks like a lot of the stuff ended up getting put into The Amazing Spider-Man.

feos: Rejecting, because, as I mentioned in the thread, we don't accept unofficial games that are so incomplete that they can't be fully played and completed.
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