Submission #7211: SmashManiac's SNES Illusion of Gaia "save glitch" in 16:48.69

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
save glitch
lsnes rr2-β23 (with SGB Core)
Illusion of Gaia (U) [!].smc
Submitted by SmashManiac on 9/11/2021 11:47 PM
Submission Comments
This is an any% TAS of the SNES action-adventure game Illusion of Gaia, completed in 16:48 with TAS timing and 16:27 with RTA timing. It is about an hour faster than the current any% RTA WR by solarcell007, and about 3 minutes faster than my old WIP. By coincidence, this also happens to be a run where no damage is being taken.
The main strategy is to perform multiple mid-frame resets to corrupt save data in order to duplicate enough Red Jewels to warp to the last boss of the game and defeat it. This strategy is believed to not be human-viable due to extremely precise timing required per mid-frame reset.
A full technical explanation along with acknowledgments can be found on my blog:
IMPORTANT: The dirty SRAM warning appears to be bogus, as the embedded SRAM is 0 bytes long. As all 3 save slots are filled uninterrupted using normal save and copy operations before the first mid-frame reset SRAM corruption, the initial state of SRAM should be irrelevant anyway.
Suggested publication screenshot: Frame 42673.

feos: File replaced with itself since the SRAM parser has been fixed for lsmv.

SmashManiac: Thanks! May I request to have the file replaced again with a newer version? I just saved 463 frames by using a shortcut I previously overlooked to reach the required triggers faster, and already updated my submission comments accordingly. The replacement file is available at

CasualPokePlayer: File replaced with 463 frame improvement.

Samsara: Judging.
Samsara: Somehow the submission file ended up weird, replacing with a fixed version. Judgement coming shortly.
Samsara: Adding the "save glitch" branch due to the heavy usage of save corruption.
I've always remembered this game being a really interestingly told story, full of great characters, some ahead-of-its-time romance, and just that general great feeling of adventuring with your good friends and also sometimes turning into other men. Turns out I remembered wrong and the game was mostly just the title screen, a cutscene, and a boss fight with a BGM that absolutely slaps.
Either way, 15 years is never too late to make your first submission to the site (it took a lot of personal restraint to not make the "Welcome to TASvideos!" joke), and it's definitely not too late to have said first submission accepted as a new branch. I've relabeled the published run "100%" to fit that as well.
Spikestuff: Publishing.
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