Submission #7233: DJ Incendration, mPap's NES Phred's Cool Punch-Out!! 2 Turbo in 16:00.88

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEUX 2.3.0
Game Version unknown Frame Count 57748
ROM Filename po2turbo35.nes Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Rerecord Count 13348
Unknown Authors DJ Incendration, mPap
Game Phred's Cool Punch-Out 2 Turbo
Submitted by DJ Incendration on 10/20/2021 12:55:20 AM

Submission Comments
Hello. This is DJ Incendration. This beats Adelikat's TAS by 3:28.36, and the current TAS on YouTube (as of the day this was finished, April 16, 2021) by 8.47 seconds, in a few unexpected ways. Please note that the times listed are from a new fm2 on the user files, so if you download the submission now, Nick Bruiser will have a different time than is shown here (45.00 instead of 44.25). The times are now as follows:
  • Ken Barryhill 1: 07.25
  • Lisa Hick: 16.97 (was 17.61)
So, it turns out that getting your star right away is a bad idea because it's slower. Since you have to throw a normal punch in phase 3 anyway, it's faster to get your star then.
  • Jeko Knight 1: 32.48 (was 33.25)
Phase 3 uses a max-damage uppercut to slightly speed up the fight from Adelikat's TAS.
  • Disco Kid: 42.00 (was 1:00.99)
It's funny that the fastest time on this fight is a couple frames away from the fastest time for the fight this one was based on. You can land stars every time, by holding Up and Start at the right time. These stars also deal more damage.
  • Doc Louis: 53.48 (was 57.82)
By getting knocked down, we are able to gain two free stars each time. There is no other way to do so, except waiting for the round to end.
  • Zelda: 57.48 (was 1:42.82)
Unlike Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (NTSC and PAL) and Punch-Out!! (NTSC), you can land jabs without having one blocked. This saves a lot of time, since we don't have to worry about the number of hearts we have.
  • Rick bruiser 1: 47.99 (was 1:01.00)
The first improvement I found from the 9:37 TAS. This improvement comes from better optimization. It saves some frames real time.
  • Jeko Knight 2: 31.48 (was 58.82)
Like Honda 2 in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!, you can throw max damage uppercuts. These saved a ton of time through the fight. My improvement (from the 9:37 TAS) is thanks to a re-ordering in phase 2, resulting in having a star for phase 3.
  • SW7 Destroyer: 42.97 (was 53.82)
As stated by Adelikat in his submission, stars into his dance deal more damage than stars while he is doing nothing. With lots of luck manipulation, SW7 throws these dance jabs almost immediately.
  • Rick Bruiser 2: 58.61 (was 1:07.00)
Unlike NTSC MTPO, you can land star punches into rolling jabs. This is frame perfect, but saves a few seconds.
  • Ken Barryhill 2: 55.25 (was 55.82)
By swapping the order in phase 2 slightly, some time was saved.
  • Nick Bruiser: 44.25 (was 1:05.61)
Like Sandman in Punch-Out!! featuring Mr. Dream (PAL only), you can land unstunned jabs for a free 5 damage. Also, star punches deal less damage after the first punch of a stun, so I have to either not stun him at all, or do an extra punch.
  • SW7 Destroyer 2: 32.97 (was 38.48)
Well... I stumbled on this 1-second improvement (over the current TAS) by accident. I lost some real time, but saved about a second in-game.
  • F.A.S: 45.61 (was 1:37.25)
F.A.S has an instant knockdown, but it requires you to get knocked down. When Mac gets up, I do a few things to trigger the instant knockdown as fast as possible (while getting hit to set up for phase 2.) In phase 2, I intentionally get up on 9 so that he'll get up on 1.
  • Total time (in-game): 9:28.89
  • total real-time improvement from Adelikat: 3339 frames

Special Thanks:

Thanks go to McHazard, Zallard1 and mPap for showing me what to do and making this improvement possible. Also, thanks to Adelikat, Phil, and Summoningsalt for their TASes, speedruns and tutorials that helped me get into this series. Enjoy!

Other comments:

The Punch-Out!! fanbase has grown throughout the past 11 years, and strats have been improved a ton. I don't see any more improvements that can be made In the discussion thread, I asked if I should TAS the game in the Pal mode of FCEUX. However, I found out that the game is called Turbo because of faster music and Mac. Punch-Out!! (featuring Mr. Dream) (PAL) was used to make this hack, but the NTSC version of MTPO is used to patch this game. While playing Pal games on NTSC is not allowed, playing the game in PAL mode takes the whole "turbo" idea away. For these reasons, I am starting to think I should leave the TAS the way it is. Enjoy the run!

feos: I know nothing about the original game or its hacks, but let's just jump right into it. Judging...

DJ Incendration: I've decided to cancel this submission. I wanted to see where it would go, but it's not looking that great. While I couldn't find any more improvements, I found that people didn't think it was different enough compared to the original MTPO. I was hoping the community had enough fans of the game who thought this hack was different, and that this TAS could be published. I am sad to say it doesn't seem like it. Canceling.

DJ Incendration: Uncanceling due to the fact that this submission's verdict could help improve site rules, as pointed out by Adelikat in the discussion.
feos: We're back!
feos: Setting to Delayed until we figure out if we want to improve the rules and how.

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