Submission #7399: Natetheman223's GC Spider-Man "Pinhead Bowling" in 02:45.08

Nintendo GameCube
Pinhead Bowling
Dolphin 5.0
! Sram
Submitted by Natetheman223 on 4/1/2022 4:13 AM
Submission Comments
happy april fools'
edit: this does not start from sram, the thing is lying
edit 2: custom textures do not affect determinism, the encode just happens to have one
I might as well give literally any explanation if I want this to be accepted (because I honestly kinda do for some reason?).
I have intentionally not included the music file dumped with the game. I think this video was posted back when I was in not-having-a-decent-video-editor hell.
To unlock this minigame, you need 10K hero points, or you can just use the ARACHNID cheat. I do the latter because it's faster.
So for this minigame, the game uses what I call "indoor swinging". It's a slightly adjusted version of the webswinging that's much slower and more stable. Despite the several indoor levels in the main story, only one of the levels uses this method of swinging as well - that level (Birth of a Hero) and pinhead bowling are the only instances of it in the whole game.
Pinhead bowling has the option of up to 4 players, sharing one controller. P1 is Spider-Man, P2 is Wrestling Outfit, P3 is Peter Parker, P4 is Alex Ross Spider-Man.
Once you're in the lane, jumping off the webline will instantly end your "roll". Much like real bowling, kicking straight into the pins/thugs will almost never work, meaning you need to go at them at an angle.
Partway through the movie, I change the controls to Enhanced, which allows for quickturns while swinging. This is not considered jumping off your webline and can essentially be used to cheat - or in this case, make the movie more interesting.
At the end of the movie, you can see me quickturn back to the starting area. Those images on the wall are actually developers of the game. The rotating question mark is a simple explanation of the minigame, provided by Bruce Campbell.
Other minigames/training modes give you a "Play Again?" screen upon completion, this one gives you a much more threatening "Game Over".

Samsara: who you callin pinhead
Samsara: Passing this off to Memory.
Memory: Claiming because I actually played this.
Memory: Synced just fine for me once I learned how to format the memory card. You just hit the button it tells you when loading up the game. That's probably why it complained about "Sram" in the submission, but it doesn't really seem to have any impact on sync so I don't feel any sort of verification movie is necessary. Mode is unlockable from the start with the ingame cheat.
So this run is a playaround and I feel it's a little of a mixed bag. Once the control mode is changed I feel the movie gets a lot more entertaining but the beginning isn't awful. Feedback was fairly mixed too.
Obviously, I don't see a reason to reject. Playground sounds like the obvious choice at first glance, but it's quite frankly not integrated well enough yet that I feel good about sending it there, so I'll send it to Moons instead.
feos brought up goal asking what it was. It's a playaround. If that needs to be added to the branch label, so be it but otherwise yeah.

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