Submission #7452: IgorOliveira666's SNES Super Mario World "glitchfest" in 2:54:33.62

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Super Nintendo Entertainment System
BizHawk 2.6.3
Super Mario World.smc
Submitted by IgorOliveira666 on 4/21/2022 5:34:41 PM
Submission Comments
Yes my friends, this is not an illusion, after good years, finally Super Mario World has a full glitchfest/playaround! 😆

Game Objectives 🎯

  • Emulator used: BizHawk 2.6.3
  • Allow Left+Right / Up+Down
  • Core BSNES
  • Abuses programming errors
  • Crashes the game intentionally
  • Take hit and use death to show funny things
  • Softlock the game intentionally
  • Aims for show funny things, glitches, bugs and tricks

About the run 🎮

This is a work of something around ~1.500h spread over 7/8 months. This run is 100% entertainment focused, speed aside. The goal is to take advantage of all (or almost all) features of the game's levels to generate entertainment.
With the exception of Donut Secret 2, Forest Secret Area and Forest Fortress, all levels have been played. Some levels were repeated more than 2 times, others more than 3 times because they are levels with too many things to do.
I believe that about 90% of all glitches in Super Mario World were made in this run. Unfortunately, it would be impossible to put all the glitches that exist, some don't fit in the route, others take too long, and so on. For that, it would have to be done another run with only the glitches that were not done in this one and I believe this is unnecessary.

Glitches/Tricks/Bugs 🔮

This run contains numerous glitches that would give a few pages if placed here. Therefore, I will put to the most used glitches/tricks/bugs.
These are some of the various glitches that were made while running this run. Most are explained on the Resources Page and others I've left a link to if you want to know more.

Level by Level Comments 💭

Unfortunately, it won't be possible to comment level by level here because that would practically be a book to have so many things to explain in each level. Maybe one day I'll make detailed comments, but for now without prediction. Instead, here are some fun facts and things you should know 😜
  • At the secret exit of the Cheese Brigde Area, they turned off the light! 💡
  • In Soda Lake, Yoshi was very hungry and eat all the fish! 😋
  • 11 different Yoshi's appeared in this run, counting those from the original game! 🦓🐴🦄
  • Did you see the "Hi" Mario gave you in the form of coins in the secret exit of Star World 5? Unfortunately it was blurry 😥
  • All enemies were killed in the normal exit of Donut Plains 1! 🔪💣
  • All enemies were killed on Cookie Mountain, including Mario! ⚰
  • All koopas were killed in the third room of Castle 4 (Ludwig's Castle)! 🔫
  • Valley Fortress completed without pressing X or Y! 💪
  • In Sunken Ghost Ship, the sound burned out and the music had to be stopped. 🔊🔇
  • Since when is it possible to press Start + Select to leave Yoshi's House? ⁉
  • Luigi was purple with anemia in Chocolate Secret! 🤒
  • Luigi gained invisibility power in Choco-Ghost House! 💥
  • Luigi gained 99 lives 1 time, and Mario gained 99 lives 3 times! 😵🤑

Some Explanations 💬

I must explain and make clear a few things here as well.
A crash happens when you run a crash or spawn sprites that mess up the game's addresses. Depending on the situation, a crash becomes extremely funny, causing glitchy screens and strange sounds. I used this to my advantage and intentionally crashed the game twice, in Donut Plains 3 and Forest of Illusion 1, to reset it in a funny way.
The game was also reset in Way Cool using a Yoshification glitch and in Chocolate Island 3, in Bonus Game, where I softlocked and Mario crashed.
I should say here the reasons why I reset the game:
  • I reset the game in Donut Plains 3 to be able to do the Message Box Glitch.
  • I reset the game in Way Cool for the graphics to return to normal, after a pixelation glitch caused by a Yoshification in Cheese Bridge Area.
  • I reset the game in Forest of Illusion 1 to put it in 2 player mode.
  • I reset the game in Chocolate Island 3 (Bonus Game) because Mario was stuck on the map.

Special Thanks 💌

  • Noise for helping me with various ideas and giving me feedback as the run progressed;
  • Amaraticando and Bruno Visnadi for helping me with the gray platform glitch and other things I wasn't aware of;
  • Nathanisbored for his fantastic Youtube series called "Let's Glitch Super Mario World";
  • MrPyt1001 and Masterjun for his freeruns of SMW on Youtube;
  • Bahamete and TheFinalBoss726 for the WIP glitchfest they made a long time ago.
  • Kaizoman666, Amaraticando, TheGreekBrit and Bruno Valads for doing the magnificent job of listing almost every glitch in Super Mario World here.
  • To everyone who watched and liked what they saw! 👊

Samsara: Claiming for judging.
Samsara: I never thought I'd live long enough to see a Super Mario World glitchfest run completed, and yet here it is, in the year of our Luigi 2022. It's a three hour spectacle of just how broken a game can be, and all three hours are absolutely packed as full as they possibly can be, showcasing every glitch under the sun. Hell, if this was SMB3, it would've even included the sun. This run had an insanely high bar to reach, and it absolutely surpassed that bar. I just have to say, above all else, congratulations for taking on and finishing such a herculean effort, and for doing it so well. My single concern is one shared by a lot of people in the submission thread: It does have issues with pacing because of how much it sets out to do, but that's merely a suggestion for another year and another run. It absolutely does not count against this run, and it shouldn't count against any playaround as a whole. Would a shorter, more streamlined run be preferred? Perhaps. Is it reasonable to wait for one? Absolutely not.
TASvideos wants more runs like this... Hell, I'd go as far as saying we need more runs like this. We want to inspire their creation by giving people a comfortable, welcoming space to make and share this kind of art. It's something completely inherent to TASing, and it needs to be explored more because of that. In the same way that we don't want to expect unreasonable standards of optimization in order for a run to be published, we don't want to enforce unreasonable standards of completely subjective entertainment value in order for a playaround to be acceptable. There's no need to stifle creativity like that. It hurts authors, it hurts TASvideos, it hurts the community, and it hurts TASing as a whole. I don't think anyone would disagree with me, here, not even the Meh/No voters in the thread. As such, there's only one correct choice, here, and that is to accept this to Moons as a new category, with open arms, a smile, and a Samsara trademark "Excellent work!"
Accepting to Moons! Excellent work! c:
Note to whoever's publishing this: We may need to talk about the branch name first, as it's likely to only be either "glitchfest" or "playaround". Branch name resolved, let's gooooooooo.

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