Submission #7659: aiqiyou & J.Y's NES Alwa's Awakening: The 8-Bit Edition in 05:55.87

(Link to video)
Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator BizHawk 2.8
Game Version unknown Frame Count 21388 (Cycle Count 1910800866)
ROM Filename AlwasAwakening.nes Frame Rate 60.099919000521965
Branch Rerecord Count 52
PowerOn Authors aiqiyou, J.Y
Game Alwa's Awakening: The 8-Bit Edition
Submitted by aiqiyou on 8/24/2022 3:00:05 AM

Submission Comments
Since the previous author has made a detailed description in the submitted text, we intend to make only a few additions. Better sub-pixel control has accumulated many small improvements. Better route in the OoB area. Since this game can be spliced between restarts, we divided the game into several segments during the production process and finally spliced it.

Special Thanks To: 落葉子 Helped us solve the problem of luck.

slamo: Claiming for judging.
slamo: Nice little improvements everywhere, especially in the OoB area, which can be really tricky to navigate. Accepting over the current publication.

despoa: Processing...

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