Submission #7671: enderpal7's GBC Postie in 00:58.58

(Link to video)
System Game Boy Color Emulator BizHawk 2.8.0
Game Version unknown v1.1 Frame Count 3499 (Cycle Count 122845593)
ROM Filename Postie-1.1.gbc Frame Rate 59.73299219614659
Branch Rerecord Count 6
PowerOn Authors enderpal7
Submitted by enderpal7 on 9/2/2022 12:00:27 PM

Submission Comments
Postie is a game made by @invertedHat for Game Boy Showdown 2022 ( ). Inspired by Celeste, this is a short platformer about a postman getting to the top of a mountain, avoiding dogs and (not) collecting letters.
  • You can change direction in the air easily
  • Wall jumps allow you to get higher. They can be performed even if the character is not physically touching the wall, but they have to be holding in the direction of the wall for the first jump frame.
  • Not all walls are walljumpable, so they are not used in places where they would be reeeeeeeeeally handy.
  • The postman can "throw balls" with the B button, which can be used to kill dogs and activate switches. It isn't as handy as you'd think, but it is still used to activate a switch and kill three dogs
  • Switches deactivate spikes that would otherwise kill you
  • The in-game stats for this TAS was 00:32, 0 deaths, 0 letters and 3 dogs killed

Samsara: Claiming for judging.
Samsara: As shown here, this run is improvable by several seconds. It's not a bad effort by any stretch, but more time definitely needs to be put into routing and finding tech. Please read that post if you haven't already, and keep at it!

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