Submission #7690: Spikestuff's Flash GROW Cube in 00:32.38

(Link to video)
Console Adobe Flash Emulator libTAS v1.4.3 // ruffle-nightly-2022-09-09
Game Version unknown,r2 Frame Count 680
ROM Filename grow_cube_v2.swf Frame Rate 21
Branch Rerecord Count 111
PowerOn Authors Spikestuff
Submitted by Spikestuff on 9/12/2022 9:45:45 AM

Submission Comments
This is a test.
Where does the line to triviality rest now?
GROW Cube is an old 2005 title from ON of EYEZMAZE where you have a selection of 10 items, and try to max out their levels.
It's mostly, if not entirely superhuman input being put on display, going from a selection, to the speed increase button, waiting and repeating that circulation 9 more times.
The version of Grow Cube I'm using is the in-between version of initial release (not fast forward), and HTML5 (rearranged for a mobile layout). This version uses AS3.
It means you need to add to the command line "--dont-warn-on-unsupported-content", the game has no graphical or sound issues from what I can tell.
There's an extended 2 frames of input just to showcase it also being faster in IGT as well, where this TAS is roughly 5 seconds faster.

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