Submission #7757: p0008874 & feos's Flash Frusion Breakfast Brawl in 02:01.13

(Link to video)
System Adobe Flash Emulator libTAS 1.4.3 + Ruffle nightly 2022 10 26
Game Version unknown Frame Count 4603
ROM Filename breakfast_brawl.swf Frame Rate 38
Branch Rerecord Count 175
PowerOn Authors p0008874, feos
Game Frusion Breakfast Brawl
Submitted by p0008874 on 10/27/2022 1:46:49 PM

Submission Comments
I mention this thing since May, 5 Months After and no-one try to do that
So I decide to take that Crown.
Is just the Punch out clone in Flash + I'M NOT AT LINUX NERD!
There's not much programmer and tools in TASVideo, That's why they're afraid to ask.
Also TAS Flash game are exclusive from Linux
If they truly hope this, they will contribute to Ruffle, Implement what they want.

feos: Claiming for judging.
feos: Dropping the claim and requesting file replacement and co-authorsip.

Samsara: Taking over!
Samsara: Sync confirmed once again, using the 2022-10-07 nightly with -g gl, and accepting. Nice work dissecting and manipulating the countdowns.
Note: I pulled the SWF from Flashpoint, where the game is titled Frusion Breakfast Brawl. Not sure if this should be reflected in the game name or not.

despoa: Processing...

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