Submission #7797: AlbertTheGamer2006's NES Super Mitch Bros. 3 "Any%" in 20:15.22

(Link to video)
System Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEUX 2.6.4
Game Version unknown v1.0 Frame Count 73033
ROM Filename Super Mitch Bros. 3.nes Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Any% Rerecord Count 14399
PowerOn Authors AlbertTheGamer2006
Submitted by AlbertTheGamer2006 on 11/11/2022 9:53:47 PM

Submission Comments
  • Emulator used: FCEUX 2.6.4
  • BIOS used: NTSC
  • Checksum: CRC32: 70a03350 MD5: f097f10e516241655f12851b8d7a2fe2 SHA-1: dc49e55c02caec3c38c092e761a2d82db022f22d
  • I used various glitches to complete the game.
  • Super Mitch Bros. is a ROM Hack created by Chipius with 20 levels. Being on the hard side of kaizo SMB3 hacks, this mod requires a vast knowledge of Mario 3, using tons of emerging mechanics, and exploiting the items in ways that weren’t needed to clear the original game. The levels are also filled with constantly changing trolls (you will see Kaizo blocks in level 5) and will test your mind among the different puzzles you’ll need to figure out to progress.
  • My aim is to complete the 20 levels as fast as possible.

arkiandruski: Claiming for judging.
arkiandruski: As has been pointed out in the discussion, there are obvious unnecessary moves and other unoptimized movements (bumping into corners, e.g., especially in a game where acceleration is so prevalent in the movement). Tompa's WIP really shows how much more time can be improved. 20 seconds on a single level is a huge amount of timesave. Looking at the WIP, it is a lot smoother than the submission and mostly uses techniques which are extensively documented on this site. It looks like this TAS could use a little more research and some more creative thinking. Don't just do the intended solution. Try to find surprising ways to get around problems. This is a good effort, it just needs a lot more work. The good news is the next step in the process for this is what I consider one of the funnest aspects of TASing, which is problem solving and iteration. Feel free to ask for help and feedback in the forums or Discord server as well.

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