Submission #7813: TheAmazingAladdin's Flash Henry Stickmin 5: Fleeing the Complex "no refresh" in 08:34.00

(Link to video)
System Adobe Flash Emulator libTAS 1.4.4 + ruffle nightly 2022-11-15 (99a4172)
Game Version unknown Frame Count 12336
ROM Filename 665992_complex.swf Frame Rate 24
Branch no refresh Rerecord Count 170
PowerOn Authors TheAmazingAladdin
Game Henry Stickmin 5: Fleeing the Complex
Submitted by TheAmazingAladdin on 11/16/2022 1:34:04 AM

Submission Comments
SWF md5 hash: 051c1e9657a91f2153def86702bbdbbd (used SWF file provided by speedrun resources)
CRC32: 3E04B0F9
MD5: 542945BD96DB65ED95833DBA88A35339
SHA-1: C4211D0F7D7A60A5765640F2B172F573B2A940B4
In Ghost Inmate, all perfect landings must be performed in the first frame to save some frames making it harder for RTA runs to perfect their runs.

feos: Claiming for judging.
feos: Execution is good, I couldn't find sloppy places (tho I haven't checked every single click obviously, it's slow in libTAS, and savestates are gigantic).
Branching is interesting.
Every unique ending could be its own branch, but for a movie that includes them all, it can be considered Fastest Completion of the whole game in one go, which adds an extra routing challenge because not every order is the same in terms of speed. Watching the whole thing is also more handy than individual episodes. So for those episodes we'd have labels indicating their ending, and here we can avoid that label.
Refresh is the feature web browsers have, as well as Adobe Flash Player, and the game stores your progress in both cases, so it's a legitimate feature of the platform, similar to soft Reset on consoles. But abusing that feature makes it basically unwatchable, because all you see is very few unskippable cutscenes, and the game's startup sequence for 20 times. Though since Refresh is not a glitch, using it is a Standard any% goal, and avoiding it is Alternative-only. Good thing that this game is incredibly entertaining on its own, I don't even need to ask for viewer feedback on this one! It's hilarious and awesome!
"All medals" looks like it would be a great full completion branch, because that implies all endings, and all unique fails.
Regarding game name, official name is just Fleeing the Complex, and Henry Stickmin would just be the Group. I couldn't find any official source calling it Henry Stickmin[ 5]: Fleeing the Complex. Not sure how to mark the game version though, since this one is from NewGrounds (directly), and the one on Steam is an updated redesign.
Oh and the movie has been replaced.

EZGames69: Processing...
feos: Fixed rerecord count (166 from the original submission + 4 from the improvement).

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