Submission #783: Saturn's SNES Secret of Evermore "100%" in 2:04:06.12

System Super NES Emulator Snes9x 1.43
Game Version USA v1.0 Frame Count 446767
ROM Filename Secret of Evermore (U).smc Frame Rate 60
Branch 100% Rerecord Count 94919
Unknown Authors Saturn
Game Secret of Evermore
Submitted by Saturn on 8/15/2005 6:39:43 PM

Submission Comments
Recorded on Snes9x Improvement v6
Sync-Settings: WIP1 Timing ON; Left+Right/Up+Down OFF; Volume Envelope Heigh Reading OFF; Fake Mute Desync Workaround ON; Sync Samples With Sound CPU ON;
  • aim for fastest possible time but with 100% of items, sidequests, formulas etc.
  • abuse programming errors (Atlas-glitch, Desert-glitch, Diamond Eyes-glich etc.)
  • manipulate luck extremely much (in boss fights or critical parts almost every frame)
  • use "Death" in order to activate the Atlas-glitch
  • Genre: RPG
  • Frames: 446767
The Game: Secret of Evermore is a very good RPG game of Squaresoft. It was completely made in USA and is the successor of Secret of Mana.
The Story: A teenager from "Podunk" and his dog leave the cinema, the dog saw a cat and run after her. The boy followed them and both ended in front of a old hidden lab in which something went terribly wrong 30 years ago. There they found a machine that accidentaly teleported them to a fantasy world "Evermore" (almost like in MATRIX) and now they are stuck and can't return anymore. In this world they met some more people who are also from Podunk (the real world) like the boy and learned more about Evermore. Now they have to help out and complete many interesting and dangerous quests in different time-areas (from Prehistoria over Antiqua till future space station) in order to get back to their world again.
Graphic/Sound: The graphics are very nice (one of the best on SNES) especially the trees you can see in the foreground in Prehistoria. The sound is also extremely good from the realistic dangerous jungle background-sound till the great Hall of Collosia, Queen Bluegarden and many more tracks.
Moviemaking: This is a 100% walkthrough which shows how to beat the entire game in sensational 2 hours and 4 min while collecting at least 1 of every possible item, geting all formulas and beating all possible sidequests and bosses. It also shows every secret you can find.
I started this project in March 6th, 2005 and it took me almost a half year to complete mostly because of the extremely optimizings. During the moviemaking I learned many usefull techniques from running even faster till some tricks to manipulate luck even better. The biggest problem I had was that I could control 2 characters and finding the fastest possible route by switching in the right times required extremely much testings (you can see it on the re-record count). At the beginning of the movie I didn't know some of this optimizing-tricks (like running) which would save some sec but after the beginning of the 2nd World (Antiqua) the movie is absolutely flawless.
A real pain was to manipulate luck in some parts like let the enemies move in the wanted direction to not block your path since you can't know imediately what to press and have to test every combination. Optimizing the boss fights was also very hard. I had to find the max. damage of each Hard Ball I casted on them before I had Atlas. But definitely the worst thing of all was the killing of the Sphere Bots in Omnitopia to open the hatches for the boy. I had to find the best damage, had to manipulate the CPU boy to move in the needed direction and the acting of the enemies, all 3 problems at the same time.
Also very important was the planning, calculating and testing before the final recordings. Without planning I never could reach this time.
And last but not least I had troubles with desyncs. It took me some time to understand on which point the movie desyncs most, sometimes I worked very hard for a part in order to find out that it desyncs in the playback later so I had to record this part again and that really pissed me off. Only way to avoid that was to playback the movie after every new screen and make a new savestate there to record from it later.
All in all this movie is inhumanly perfect optimized (mostly on luck manipulations) and I'm very satisfied with the result. It's a absolute must to see for people who know this game.
If you need some savestates at the beginning of each world download them on my site:
Enjoy the by far best optimized and longest worked out movie I ever did!
Oh and by the way: Are you interested in a secret scenario at the end? Then wait 2 min (with turbo faster of course) right after the "THE END" screen appears. You want more secrets? Then wait 30 more min! (yes indeed - 30 min) after the secret scenario. Still not enough? Then wait again 5 more min to see the last one!

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