Mega Man X multiple game

These are multiruns of the Mega Man X games. They play multiple games with the same input file. Despite similar mechanics and controls, this is no small feat, as X will run, jump, wallkick, and shoot at the same time, in often very different situations.
  • Mega Man X,Rockman X,X2,X3
  • Action
  • Platformer


In the latest in silly ideas turned into inspirations for our ever-dedicated TASers, this movie takes one controller and wires it into three SNES emulators at once; the same input is used to play 3 games simultaneously with one controller. There are also animations constructed with spare controllers during this movie.
This movie beats the first three Mega Man X games with 100% completion each (an improvement on its predecessor, which beat only the first two games and without 100% completion).
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Note: There might be a visual anomaly during the battle with Serges in X 2. This is an emulator bug relating to the Cx4 chip used in the Mega Man X 2 cartridge.
Encoder's Note: There are multiple audio tracks included with the encode. Track 1 is the combined audio of all 3 games panned so that the left side is MMX1, center is MMX2, and right is MMX3. Track 2 contains MMX1's audio, track 3 contains MMX2's audio, and track 4 contains MMX3's audio.

Game Versions

Type Name Title Override Region Version Platform Hashes
Unknown Mega Man X & Mega Man X2 & Mega Man X3 Mega Man X & Mega Man X2 & Mega Man X3 U SNES
Unknown Mega Man X & X2 Mega Man X & X2 U SNES