Submission #8292: nymx's C64 White Water in 04:10.78

Commodore 64
BizHawk 2.9.0
Submitted by nymx on 5/25/2023 3:14 AM
Submission Comments

White Water (Compute's Gazette)

"There's nothing like it," they said. "Definitely a challenge, but you can handle it." As you drift toward your first set of rapids, you're beginning to have some doubts. After all, there's nothing between you and those boulders ahead but a flimsy rubber raft.
Rafting, especially in a powerful river, is a dangerous adventure. But with "White Water," you can enjoy river running in the safety of your own home. In this game, you must guide your raft down eight rocky rivers. But beware—you're not alone. Crocodiles and Hover-craft share these waterways.
The article for this game can be found on page 20 of Issue 77 (November 1989):

Why TAS This Game?

The continuation of TASing games from my all-time favorite magazine, Compute's Gazette. This makes my 10th TAS from this series.
I never actually played this game, because at some subscription got canceled. So I missed a few in the series. Years later, I found someone on the internet that was selling their extra copies and I filled in the ones that I was missing.
I also decided to TAS this game, because the organization started tagging their "Best" games with a classification of "Editor's Choice". This game lives up to that recognition and stands above most of the games that were ever published by Compute's Gazette. I only wish that I had the experience of typing this one in, back in my youth.
Previous Compute's Gazette submissions include (In order of submission):

Game Ending

The article, outlined on page 20 of the Novemeber 1989 issue, states that their are 8 unique levels. At the end, the completion message changes to "White Water Complete". Afterwards, it starts over again.

Effort In TASing

This game wasn't much of a challenge, as I was able to keep up my speed in about 99% of the entire run. The ability to TAS this, makes this game look super easy...but of course, its not.

Human Comparison

I was surprised to find two videos, so I picked the one below...because it was longer. This player made it to level 3, but had to play it super slow in order to get there. should do a good job in showing the level of difficulty that this game has to offer.

feos: Claiming for judging.
feos: Accepting.

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