Submission #8316: Vexxter's Flash Super Mario Flash "no speedglitch" in 08:19.19

(Link to video)
Adobe Flash
no speedglitch
LibTAS v1.4.4, Ruffle 2022-07-06
Submitted by Vexxter on 6/4/2023 5:05:26 PM
Submission Comments
SWF hash: 2c23e3eea3da74f67bb5185df227fa4d90fd68678d5fe3c5ff61f683157e63ba
This is a TAS of Super Mario Flash that does not use speedglitch, all other glitches are fair game.
Everything is pretty self explanatory, the only real glitch you could say is used is cornerboosting.
This is 11 seconds slower than the world record, and that's because the version used here is v3.0 instead of v2.5, but since v2.5 doesn't yet work in Ruffle, this is the best we got.
You need this version of Ruffle because newer versions broke enemy collision in a way that does not reflect the behaviour of Flash player.
This TAS suffers from emulation inaccuracies, and loses 8 frames in total due to always getting the worst Bowser pattern possible.
Wow this TAS description is so depressing lmao

feos: Claiming for judging.
feos: I couldn't improve this since the physics are weird, so I guess it's good enough. The speedglitch is not a major skip glitch, so avoiding it is an Alternative goal, which is perfectly fine because this game looks quite good, and much more sensible without the glitch. Accepting.
fsvgm777: Processing.
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