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SWF hash: 2c23e3eea3da74f67bb5185df227fa4d90fd68678d5fe3c5ff61f683157e63ba
This is a TAS of Super Mario Flash that does not use speedglitch, all other glitches are fair game.
Everything is pretty self explanatory, the only real glitch you could say is used is cornerboosting.
This is 11 seconds slower than the world record, and that's because the version used here is v3.0 instead of v2.5, but since v2.5 doesn't yet work in Ruffle, this is the best we got.
You need this version of Ruffle because newer versions broke enemy collision in a way that does not reflect the behaviour of Flash player.
This TAS suffers from emulation inaccuracies, and loses 8 frames in total due to always getting the worst Bowser pattern possible.
Wow this TAS description is so depressing lmao

feos: Claiming for judging.
feos: I couldn't improve this since the physics are weird, so I guess it's good enough. The speedglitch is not a major skip glitch, so avoiding it is an Alternative goal, which is perfectly fine because this game looks quite good, and much more sensible without the glitch. Accepting.
fsvgm777: Processing.

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #8316: Vexxter's Flash Super Mario Flash "no speedglitch" in 08:19.19
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im curious about speedglitch
TAS i'm interested: megaman series: mmbn1 all chips, mmx3 any% psx glitched fighting games with speed goals in general
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[16:36:31] <Mothrayas> I have to say this argument about robot drug usage is a lot more fun than whatever else we have been doing in the past two+ hours
[16:08:10] <BenLubar> a TAS is just the limit of a segmented speedrun as the segment length approaches zero
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I couldn't get the version specified in the submission, but the run syncs on 4 versions of 3.0 I did find: CRC32: 4636E68D MD5: 8432C3A2AE543087FB6DF7A78569E164 SHA-1: 35BA5B01AA84165866DD3B56AD3016CC53D9DB3A SHA-256: E145BFD0A05C339C2F026ECCE64715091517E1B08B1C7DCA99A136367CF08B0C CRC32: 83AE36C3 MD5: 617EA47C5343296EB1D1335206C0B9D3 SHA-1: 1B7A8588C453E056D245723FC09FB4A1F573859B SHA-256: A697979AE30E788624AD6C875006D9C9B318AC697041EEE000A32EDF87E0E28A CRC32: FCEB824D MD5: 731F7C458046DD9AEAB9E204E43E832A SHA-1: 55AA58DAAE53F25D7087AAB85E57AC5E5B36CAD4 SHA-256: C4E31EC2B31B42EEDACF9448031A05A131E643C0A5F306DBBD6EBCF7CE19C791 CRC32: 077AA443 MD5: C8DFA1101445C37037624309D7CA2339 SHA-1: A9D01F7BCBC124632732A6429443DAD83D7ACB3A SHA-256: 901AAA0406124494E5BBC8AE5C1C62E47FFA5341A0662A8CFDA43BFB6C34D572
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I noticed that the bowser fight looked slow since you have to wait, but maybe that cannot be manipulated? Otherwise the game is mostly just running forward with a couple jumps, but I did like the part where you jumped through a fire line. Meh vote.
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Post subject: Movie published
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This movie has been published. The posts before this message apply to the submission, and posts after this message apply to the published movie. ---- [5368] Flash Super Mario Flash "no speedglitch" by Vexxter in 08:19.19