Submission #8367: longbao's NES Megankreuzstilette in 30:22.55

Nintendo Entertainment System
FCEUX 2.6.2
Mega Man 3 Kreuzstilette
Submitted by longbao on 6/18/2023 7:38 AM
Submission Comments
这个改版优化了卡顿,并且修复了一些小bug,比如:修复了布鲁斯出现前可以移动的情况,进城堡动画时音乐没放完整,利用菜单页面来卡飞行莱西等等。此版本有快切但是有缺陷不能倒着切换,克制有大改动所以我的克制顺序是:磁铁>针刺>坚硬>蛇>影子>双子>火花>陀螺 隐藏boss的话我是选择从左上到左下依次选择的,由于克制众多我就不一一列举出来了,而我选择首发先选磁铁是因为,磁铁P子弹是两格血并且他克制针刺可以快速的拿到飞狗好节省流程的时间。另外虽说这个改版修复了一些bug不过还有个bug也是可以正常使用的,我在四个隐藏boss的右下角关卡有用到这个穿墙bug,利用飞行莱西把洛克人挤在墙里按住下在受伤的第一时间按选择键即可,因为这个改版有多路线设定,所以我在做之前有去探索其他路线来判断最短路线的方向,在W1关卡boss我利用控制洛克人攻击的时间来控制乱数,让乌龟在最快的时间下来以达到节省时间的目的。

nymx: Claiming for judging.

nymx: I'm setting this one aside until I'm able to get more info.

nymx: Unclaiming. I believe this one is going to take a person that is more familiar with Mega Man. Too much confusion for me to deal with. I've checked against many other videos and I'm having doubts.
longbao, please do not overwrite the judging notes at the bottom of any submissions.

Darkman425: First of all, restoring the judging notes that got lost from an earlier edit.
Second of all, hi hello I'm someone who's familiar with with Mega Man and the ROM hacks of the series. I'll take a closer look at this one by claiming it for judging.
Darkman425: Aside from taking the color gimmick of The Stage Nobody Asked For from Make a Good Mega Man Level 2 for use in this hack's Wily stage 2 and, more obviously, literally putting the original Mega Man 3 Wily stage 2 into this hack's Needle Man's stage, this hack has a lot of interesting gimmicks and branching paths that isn't typically found in a lot of standard Mega Man levels or even a number of hacks. While boss and enemy behavior is still how it was in Mega Man 3, the weakness changes do make some fights trickier when exploiting weaknesses.
The movement through levels seem solid and the routing is well thought out. However, some of the boss fights were a bit slower than they could have been. Mega Man 3 only starts the end of level animation when all of the boss explosions leave the screen. I can't really count that against you since the only mention of that specific knowledge was in these old submission notes. I added that info to the boss fighting guide so it's at least now somewhere else as well. Even then there were some bosses where getting a better pattern would speed the fight up slightly, though that's a bit harder to tell since some of the changed weaknesses are a bit less than ideal. Ultimately this would probably be a few potential seconds to the total time to save at best. This looks good overall.
Accepting to Standard.

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