Submission #840: adelikat's NES Cobra Triangle in 17:01.23

Nintendo Entertainment System
FCEU 0.98.12
Submitted by adelikat on 10/8/2005 1:32:59 AM
Submission Comments
This is my version 3 of this game which is now 10 seconds faster than my previous (canceled) submission and 54 seconds faster than the current published run.
Some notable improvements from the published movie:
  • Level 1 - collected enough pods to get all the speed upgrades. This allows me to complete it 8 seconds faster!
  • Level 2 - collected as many pods in order to max out missles and guns. this allows me to complete the first 2 bosses faster. This also allowed me to collect the "force" (which comes in handy later)
  • Level 9 - took the alternate route that changes the order and make-up of the levels, the new route saves about 10 seconds
  • Level 23 - instead of running out the clock I use the "force" shield and kill the boss instead, saves about 10 seconds.
  • Save the children levels - it is faster to save only 1 instead of all of them, I tried some "bizarre" strategies to defend the remaining child. I make a pseudo drama out of both levels.
Saving 1 child is 2 seconds faster on both levels (4 sec total)
  • Bonus levels - shooting all the targets results in getting the 1up which costs about 70 frames. Therefore I intentionally miss the 1st target.
  • In addition every level is completed at least 10-30 frames faster
At times I shoot for seemingly no reason, the point is luck manipulation. By shooting I make the turrets not fire when they appear on the screen.
I aimed for the highest score possible without losing time. You will see that this time I shoot all the boats I can and get bonus points whenever possible.
Well that's about it. Enjoy!
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Genre - Racing/Shoot em up
  • Takes damage to save time

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