Submission #8416: nymx's C64 Bowling Champ in 01:00.99

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Commodore 64
BizHawk 2.9.0
Submitted by nymx on 7/6/2023 9:11:56 PM
Submission Comments

Bowling Champ (Compute's Gazette)

This is one of the early games, published in the magazine series. It's very basic, but faithful to the end result...the representation of the physical game with accurate scoring.
The article for this game can be found on page 84 of Issue 6 (December 1983):

Why TAS This Game?

The continuation of TASing games from my all-time favorite magazine, Compute's Gazette. This makes my 18th TAS from this series.
With the beginning of the magazine series, I had no choice but to type in some of these games. I didn't have much to play with and this was one of the first that I decided to try. It wasn't all that exciting, but I needed to build up my home library of games.
Now...I want to continue with the CG library of this site and join the league (pun intended) along with the Atari 2600, and Intellivision submissions made earlier this year.
Previous Compute's Gazette submissions include (In order of submission):

Game Ending

Easy...just bowl 10 frames, and its done!

Effort In TASing

This is the simplest game I've ever TASed. I didn't really want to do this, but since we had Bowling TASes done earlier this year...I wanted to throw out another version for comparison. Only this time, this game doesn't meet the quality of the other it was a simple BASIC written game with little animation.
This is one of those games where you have to time a shot, against cycling placement routine. There are a only 3 frame window for each ball placement. This may be difficult for human, but certainly a trivia matter for a TAS. So, hardly any re-records.
Notice my name in the game? You might think I wasted 4 frames in typing that out. Well, not really. The commodore has an architecture where keystrokes are buffered. So, whether it was 1 letter, or 4...the game started on the same frame. The only caveat is, the keystrokes have to be made during a part of the game that is loading up the next part of the user interface...which can be a chunk of frames. Usually, enough to do some small typing.

Human Comparison

DrD2k9: Claiming for judging.
DrD2k9: This might be the most simplistic bowling game yet on the site., but it's valid. Accepting.
Spikestuff: Bowling.
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