Submission #8562: EZGames69 & Randomno's Flash SHIFT in 02:45.92

(Link to video)
System Adobe Flash Emulator libTAS 1.4.4 + ruffle-nightly-2023_08_24
Game Version shift-751817f.swf Frame Count 4148
ROM Filename shift-751817f.swf Frame Rate 25
Branch Rerecord Count 1715
PowerOn Authors EZGames69, Randomno
Submitted by Randomno on 8/24/2023 1:34:37 AM

Submission Comments
SHIFT is a Flash game where you press the Shift key to rotate the level and invert the solid ground.
This improves on the previous submission by 1.4 seconds of in-game time. It is optimised for in-game time, which requires pressing left at the end of the game to hit the spikes earlier, saving 0.2 seconds. Without this it would be 2:43.80 (4095 frames).
SWB Pro mentioned some improvements to the current publication on Discord so I compared the real-time runs. I noticed a jump in level 7 could be avoided, which saved 0.6 seconds. EZGames then went through the movie again and synced it to the current version of Ruffle, and found some more improvements. They noted that jumping into a ceiling on a downward descent is faster than simply falling. This saved some frames in various places.
In level 8, the character falls past the moving platform without briefly standing on it, for no apparent reason other than emulation differences to the previous submission.
Based on RTA evidence, the clip on the last key level appears to only be possible in Ruffle. This was also used in the previous submission.

Samsara: File replaced with the correct version.

InfoTeddy: Claiming for judging.

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