Submission #8893: KusogeMan's GC Sonic Gems Collection "Sonic the Fighters, Arcade, Hardest" in 07:11.40

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Nintendo GameCube
Sonic Gems Collection
Sonic the Fighters, Arcade, Hardest
Dolphin 5.0-20571
25884 (Cycle Count 209654925483)
! Sram
Sonic Gems Collection (USA).iso
Submitted by KusogeMan on 2/11/2024 11:25:56 PM
Submission Comments
IMPREVEMENT HERE: judge can replace with this new moviefile here.
This is a 3d fighter game, uses sonic characters to play in virtua fighter game style with a few special moves for each character to make the game more interesting.
This is also one of those games like smash or sf alpha 3 in which characters can escape combos. If you're being juggled, you can risk flipping out of the combo with button presses but depending on how you flip this may make you more vulnerable, the first CPU character Knuckles almost never flips. But the rest of the cast does it frequently, enabling much faster rounds with single hard hit moves that normally would be very slow. I try to use sometimes the flipping to my advantage, for example against Bean! Counter hits allow for more damage but for some reason the damage seems to be variable against different characters.
By the way the speedrunnning community doesn't take the last fight into account when timing their runs, but you can get a bad ending if you don't finish eggman in time. I don't find that very interesting, as that would make Sonic a virtually better character that would be impossible to beat using the SHORTEST INPUT RULE as sonic can go invencible in the second round against metal sonic, and input absolutely nothing on that second round and win the fight against metal AND then lose by havingh no inputs against eggman but still complete the game in the RTA rules. For this reason, I decided to get best ending and not use the RTA rules that allow for bad ending. This is not a criticism towards them, it just doesn't seem entertaining and I respect their decision.
i dsont know why it says SRAM i had deleted the savefile when starting the run
I'd like to thank my family and the sonic fighter fans, for making awesome videos and their discord:

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