Submission #9049: longbao's NES Rockman 3: Speed Bound in 25:38.82

Nintendo Entertainment System
Fceux 2.4.0
Meg Man 3 Speed Bound VER 1.0
Submitted by longbao on 5/5/2024 6:19 AM
Submission Comments
这个版本速度上有一定的调整 克制关卡大改开局打TOPMAN是因为这个boss用普通子弹就能秒杀,另外此版本有快切并且在流程中尽量避免lag的出现因为有加速所以时间是会快一点,克制顺序也和原版有一定的差距

Samsara: Updated the hack title, and removed the branch, as "any%" is considered unnecessary.

Darkman425: Claiming for judging.
Darkman425: only has version 1.1 of the hack available on their site as the hacker didn't include the older patches. As this submission was done on version 1.0 of the hack, I took the time to find the right version, make a patch as I could only find the hack prepatched, and upload it to the Internet Archive to make this older version more readily available.
As for the submission itself, the levels are done pretty swiftly. I didn't notice any glaring errors in the stage movement. The only real gripe is that, much like the Megankreuzstilette submission I'm noticing a lot of bosses in this Mega Man 3 hack not being defeated more towards the center. In Mega Man 3 the boss explosions leaving the screen is what triggers the end of level event so having the explosions travel across the screen less saves time. While there are some bosses where it might be hard to tell if it would even save time by manipulation or otherwise waiting for a better boss position, there are definitely a few bosses where it's definitely doable. The standout ones from what I caught was the Doc Wood Man (getting him to jump left to the room's center rather than right towards the edge) and Doc Heat Man (getting the last hit with Heat Man moved towards the horizontal center of the arena though trickier since there's a big ol' pit there) fights. I would reckon that this would save at best seconds, which isn't a whole lot considering that this is a TAS that's over 25 minutes. Outside of that little bit, this all looks good.
Accepting to Standard.

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